Welch Allyn KleenSpec LED Vaginal Specula

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KleenSpec LED Vaginal Specula

Integrated light source provides uniform light output to enhance visualisation and improve patient outcomes. Ideal for emergency, gynecological & obstetrics.

Single use disposable LED Specula with built in LED light source.


  • Provides continuous output with a uniform spot and no hot spots for 30 minutes
  • Crisp white light, no blue or yellow hues for true visualisation of tissue colour
  • Sealed LED light source and battery to reduce patient risk
  • Smooth molded edges designed to provide maximum patient comfort
  • 100% Acrylic, minimizing the chance of cracking or breaking
  • Ready to use out of the package, simply pull switch when ready
  • Lithium-primary battery for longer shelf life
  • Option to remove lithium-primary battery and LED for disposal or recycling
  • Designed for quality and durability from a trusted manufacturer, made in U.S.A

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