Welch Allyn GS 300 Exam Light Table / Wall Mount -44416

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Welch Allyn GS 300 General Exam Light with Table/Wall Mount

Supplier Part Number: 44416

The Welch Allyn Green Series Medical Exam lights provide a whiter, brighter and greener light than ever before, improving patient exams while also reducing environmental impact and lowering cost of ownership. The state-of-the-art LEDs never require replacement and enable true tissue colour rendition.

Ideal for any in-office exam, the GS 300 delivers rugged performance at an affordable price.


  • One LED
  • Intense light output
  • Cool operation
  • Compact design
  • Over 50,000 hours of bulb life
  • A brighter, whiter light than halogen
  • Touchless on/off
  • Easy assembly through universal stand and connection point
  • Comes with table / wall mount fitting



Weight: Total Table/Wall Mount: 2.4 kg

Control Box: Height: 10.83 in (27.5 cm) Width: 3.94 in (10.0 cm) Depth: 3.15 in (8.0 cm)

Focusing Sleeve: Length: 5.16 in (13.1 cm) Diameter: 1.58 in (4 cm)

Mobile Stand: Height: 24.02 in (61 cm) Diameter: 20.87 in (53 cm)

Total Wall Mount: 47.24 in (120.0 cm)

Total Mobile Stand: 60.24 in (153.0 cm)

Table/Wall and Mobile Stand to Luminaire Center: 49.61 in (126 cm)

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