Vitalograph Asma-1 Peak Flow Monitor



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Vitalograph Electronic asthma monitor

asma-1 Electronic Peak Flow Meters

Vitalograph is the world's leading provider of outstanding respiratory diagnostic, screening and monitoring devices.With a heritage of excellence spanning half a century, Vitalograph continue to make pioneering contributions to effective respiratory care and enhanced quality of life.

  • Measures FEV1 as well as peak flow
  • Simple to use
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Electronic record no need for record cards
  • Stores data with date and time stamp
  • Automatically assesses test quality
  • Quality of blow indicator
  • More accurate than a mechanical meter
  • FEV1 has less diurnal variability and is less effort dependant
  • PEF/FEV1 zones can be personalised
  • Stores 600 test sessions
  • Detachable flow head makes cleaning simple
  • Suitable for multi-subject use with standard
  • size SafeTway mouthpieces
  • Uses long life AAA batteries
  • Multi-lingual (symbols)
  • ATS/ERS compliant