Terumo Terufusion SS732 Advanced Infusion Syringe Pump System

by: Terumo
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Terumo Terufusion SS732 Advanced Infusion Syringe Pump System

Terufusion® Infusion System incorporates accuracy and advanced safety in a user-friendly design. Founded in 1921 TERUMO is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers with operations in more than 160 nations. For more than 15 years, the Terufusion® Syringe pump has been used in Australia to support accurate fluid administration.

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  • Easy to Read Display
  • Large 4.3 inch colour screen
  • Information clearly displayed in one view, e.g. alarms, warning, flowrate etc.
  • Full colour visual instructions to set syringe

Easy to Use

  • Simple interface
  • Only 7 buttons and unique rotary dial control all adjustments
  • Dual power supply AC power and internal battery
  • Internal battery charged to approx. 80% in 3 hours
  • Compatible syringe sizes, 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 30mL and 50/60mL

Portable and Durable

  • Integrated handle
  • Reduced carrying burden, unit approx. 2.0kg
  • Rounded-cornered body design for easy cleaning
  • Durable outer casing
  • Pole clamp included
  • Optional Rack System (not included)

Advanced Safety Functions

Alarm functions include:

  • Occlusion alarm, Nearly Empty alarm, Slider Displacement alarm, Syringe Barrel Detection alarm, Syringe Displacement alarm, Battery alarm, Shutdown Notice alarm, Power Failure alarm, R-alarm, Start Reminder, No Flow Rate alarm
  • Keypad lock function to prevent operational errors or inadvertent operations