Terumo Sharps Containers

by: Terumo


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Terumo Sharps Containers

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and lid options. Terumo Sharps Containers provide safe and effective solutions for disposal of sharps (yellow containers) and cytotoxic waste (purple containers). Suitable for use insurgical, medicaland home healthcare environments.

Code Size Lid Type Colour/Waste Type
8BMY14SCCL 1.4L Clip Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY14SCSL 1.4L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMP1 1.4L Screw Lid Purple Cytotoxic
8BMY10CWSL 10L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMP10 10L Screw Lid Purple Cytotoxic
8BMY11SCLL 11L Large Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY11SSCRT2P 11L Roll Top Yellow Sharps
8BMY11SCSL 11L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY17SCLL 17L Large Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY17SSCRT 17L Roll Top Yellow Sharps
8BMY17SCSL 17L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY19SCLLLI 19L Large Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY19SCSL 19L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMP19 19L Large Lid Purple Cytotoxic
8BMY200 200ml Fitpack Yellow Sharps
8BMY250SCFP 250ml Fitpack Yellow Sharps
8BMY30SCSL 3L Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY30SCSL3P 30L 3 Piece Yellow Sharps
8BMY500SCCL 500ml Clip Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY500SCS 500ml Screw Lid Yellow Sharps
8BMY250SCFP 250ml Fitpack Yellow Sharps