Spencer WOW - Transfer Sheet. 10 Handles + Foot Support

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Spencer WOW - Transfer Sheet 10 Handles + Foot Support

WOW is a device for the recovery and handling of patients without sign of spinal trauma, from the first medical operations to the stretcher or the rescue vehicle. It is the perfect solution for the handling of the bedridden patient or the elderly in cases of emergency fire evacuation or the evacuation of patients from hospital structures. It’s a complete system that makes the operators work easy, reducing both effort and operating time. It also makes the patient to feel safe during the entire emergency procedure.

The sheet is ideal for rescue operations and during operations on stairs or in confined spaces; the patient can be transported both in the lying and sitting position. The double layer structure is incredibly resistant and it creates a special retaining pocket on the back of the device, where the lateral supports and other accessories can be stored. It’s made with fireproof and non-absorbent fabric that allows rapid and efficient sanitization.

WOW can be rolled up and it’s very easy to store. The many innovations of this device have all been designed to be useful to the health operator during his activity of first response and at the same time will make the patient feel incredibly comfortable when using the device.

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