Rossmax Nebuliser Nasal Washer Accessory

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Rossmax Nebuliser Nasal Washer Accessory

(Connects to Rossmax Nebulisers)

It’s Effective Flushes nasal cavities and rhinopharynx to clear secretions, mucus and harmful substances and collects them in a chamber.

Nasal Washer NW1 connected to Rossmax nebulizers, flushing the nasal cavities by pressing the button on the ergonomic handle to activate the nebulization and collects the return solutions. It can be used with saline solutions (isotonic and hypertonic solutions, warm water) or medicated solutions for aerosol therapy.

The body of nasal washer has two adjacent chambers, inside one for holding the solution to be nebulized and the outside for collecting the return solution. At the top of the nasal washer is inserted the nasal adaptor with silicone tip which comes with 3 different sizes, depending on the size of the nostril of the user. 

• Efficient Nasal washer nebulizes 10 ml of solution in about 2 minutes.

• Comprehensive Nasal Washer is applicable to the whole range of Rossmax compressor nebulizers.

• Comfortable Silicone nasal adaptors provide comfortable and soft touch and reliable seal.

• Convenient Easy to use with saline solutions and warm waters or medications commonly available in pharmacies.

• Non-Toxic Made of biocompatible, non-allergenic materials and Latex and BPA free.

• Practical Comes with 3 sizes of nasal adaptors and suitable for the whole range. Technical Specification

• Fluid chamber capacity: Max 20ml

• Single patient use only