Premium Nursing Kit Pink

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This Package Includes Quantity:
Scissors General Titanium Steel Scissors (blunt/blunt) PFS00041 1
Titanium Forceps General PFS00045 1
Prestige Betty Boop Too Hot Dome ID Tag PSG00205 1
Nursing Pocket Pouch With Pink Stitching SPT00113 1
Penlight Instrulite Chrome LED Bulb SPT00017 1
Spirit Retractable Badge Holder with Poly Sticker Frosted Pi SPT00163 1
Spirit - Hard Plastic Badge Holder Portrait SPT00096 1
Nursing Fob Watch Pink Silicone VBR00012 1
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Medshop Premium Nursing Utility Kit - Pink

This kit should be the envy of all your colleagues. The products contained within are all of the highest specification designed for performance and reliability.

Including -

  • Nursing Pocket -This nursing pocket is the same size and has the same pocket layout as the standard nurses Pick Pocket pouch.
  • LED Penlight - for improved battery and globe life. The globe has a 100,000 hour life cycle!
  • The original nurses FOB watch from Medshop
  • Titanium Steel scissors - Stay sharper for longer
  • Titanium Steel Artery forceps
  • Soft plastic badge holders portrait and landscape
  • Betty Boop Single Sided ID Tag

All up the kit components when purchased individually would be $78.99 - Purchase this kit and only pay $68.50

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