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Otoscope Mini Fibre Optic LED

Otoscope Mini Fibre Optic LED




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Otoscope Mini Fibre Optic LED

The Otoscope Mini Fibre Optic LED is a sdiagnostic tool designed for precision and durability. This compact, high-performance instrument is ideal for healthcare professionals who require reliable and efficient ear examinations.

Technical Specifications:
- Light Source: LED bulb for bright, white light and excellent color rendering
- Fibre Optic Technology: Ensures a clear, unobstructed view of the tympanic membrane
- Magnification: High-quality glass optics for 3x magnification
- Construction: Robust, yet lightweight, with a matte black finish for reduced reflection
- Power Supply: Energy-efficient with long-lasting battery life
- Portability: Compact design with a pocket clip for easy transport and accessibility
- Compatibility: Universal speculum holder compatible with a wide range of specula sizes

Item dimentions see it 17cm in length.

Common Applications and User Groups:
- General Practitioners: For routine examinations and diagnosis of ear conditions
- ENT Specialists: Detailed otoscopic examinations in both clinical and hospital settings
- Pediatricians: Safe and effective for use on patients of all ages, including children
- Medical Students: An essential tool for learning and clinical practice
- Urgent Care Clinics: Quick and efficient examination of patients with ear complaint.


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