Karma VIP 515 Tilt Wheelchair 16inch x 17 inch 2-KMVIP515T-16

by: Karma


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Karma VIP 515 Tilt Wheelchair

Colour Black/Grey

Designed for excellent pressure distribution!

This revolutionary wheelchair finally comes out on the market!

The brand-new VIP 515 uses exclusive perfectly-matched gas struts for an intelligent centre-of-gravity weight shifting seat to provide wheelchair users a wide choice of tilt-in-space angles and reaches unprecedented pressure releasing effects to reduce the risk of bedsores.


  • Intelligent 0 - 35 degree centre-of-gravity weight shifting Tilt-in-space seat, shifts pressure to reduce bedsores
  • Aegis Microbe Shield permanently bonds antimicrobial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other micro organisms
  • Bio-technology paint coating uses special anti-bacterial materials
  • One of the only foldable Tilt-in-space models on the market
  • Collapses to only 77cm x 34cm x 77 cm when the backjoint is folded and headrest removed for easy transport


16" x 17" 18" x 17"
Sizes 16" 18"
Front Wheels 7" 7"
Rear Wheels 14" 14"
Seat Width 41 cm 46 cm
Seat Length 41 cm 41 cm
Width 63 cm 68 cm
Width (folded) 34 cm 34 cm
Arm Rest Height 22 - 27 cm 22 - 27 cm
Length 107 cm 107 cm
Seat Height 49.5 cm 49.5 cm
Back Rest Height 44.5 cm 44.5 cm
Height 140 cm 140 cm
Weight 17.4 kg 17.5 kg
Maximum User Weight 115 kg 115 kg