Good-Lite DXDTs Quantitative Retina Test Grid at-Home Retina Health Monitoring S

by: Good Lite
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DXDT's Quantitative Retina Test Grid at-Home Retina Health Monitoring System

Do-it-yourself retina research? Move beyond the Amsler grid by going digital with DXDT. This powerful system replaces the paper Amsler grid and enables the patient to monitor retina health at home between visits to the clinic. The system pre-loaded on a USB drive operates on any Microsoft Windows-based personal computer. The system provides grids of selectable sizes and color schemes. The patient uses the system like an Amsler grid but has the capability to mark blind spots and straighten distorted lines using mouse click and drag operations. The system then computes metrics for total blind area and total distortion and commits them to a profile database so retina health is monitored and trends can be seen at a glance. Data and images are stored automatically and can be e-mailed to physicians or carried to them on the USB drive.