Physiotherapy Skeleton

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Physiotherapy Skeleton

Anatomical Chart Company PHYSICAL THERAPY Model

A unique life-sized skeleton designed specifically to address the requirements of rehab, physical therapy, sports medicine, and other therapeutic training. This skeleton is completely flexible and is ideal for anyone interested in skeletal anatomy and in understanding or demonstrating the connections between movements, postures and malpositions of the human skeleton. The flexible spinal cord holds bending positions, and the skull, arms, legs, and feet are easily detachable for patient consultation. The spine has spinal nerves and soft foam discs that allow for natural bending. Features:All anatomical details, fissures, foramina and processes3-part skull: calvarium, base of skull and mandibleRemovable arms and legsGliding joints in shoulder, hip and ankleLeg can be dismantled at the knee, removable footMovable shoulder bladesVertebral column mounted on a highly flexible metal spiral hose allows spine to be set in any position metal spiral hose is durable enough for years of intensive useFlexible elastic foam intervertebral discs can be compressed or expandedSpinal cord and emerging spinal nervesCast from a natural adult human skeletonIncludes rolling standLife size: 67 tall weight: 21 lbsMade in Germany by Erler-ZimmerFor more information see: The Skeletal System chart
ISBN 9781587790621

Dimensions - x 67