Neuroanatomy Head Model

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Neuroanatomy Head Model

Anatomical Chart Company NEUROLOGY Model

A unique model comprised of a finely detailed transparent skull with cervical vertebral column and an 8-part brain marked with cytoarchitectural areas. The most important centers of the cerebral cortex have been marked on the left hemisphere and correspond with the cytoarchitectural map included with the model. Colors indicate the primary and secondary motor and sensory cortical fields, the different speech centers, auditory and visual fields as well as the structures of the limbic system. (The higher centers of the frontal and temporal lobes responsible for motor activity, memory and sensory are not marked)The brain model separates into 8 parts:frontal and parietal lobes (2)temporal and occipital lobes (2)medulla (2)cerebellum (2). The brain may be removed to show the 12 cranial nerves and the arterial vessels in the skull and neck area.Dissects into a total of 10 parts.made of Somso-plastincludes stand and descriptive keySize: 11-1/2" x 7" x 8-1/4" Made in Germany by Somso Modelle.

Dimensions - 5 x 5