Why Paramedics in Australia Trust Spencer Every Call

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Recently, Medshop Australia partnered with Spencer at the 2018 Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC) in Queensland. If you want to read our account of that event, you can find it here.

There are very good reasons why we’re such huge fans of Spencer. It’s not ONLY because we carry their products. We carry Spencer products for all the reasons we love them.

When it comes to supplying ambulances with the tools they need most, there are a host of brands that help save lives every day. It would be hard to say that any single tool matters more than any other.

Situation depending, they all have their uses. That or they don’t have a place in the ambulance. There simply isn’t space for deadweight when lives are on the line and speed is of the essence.

Much of the equipment in an ambulance is a portable version of something found in a hospital, but a few pieces are unique to ambulances, tailored to the work done by paramedics.

Those are the devices that allow a qualified medic to stabilize a traumatized patient in order to transport the said patient to a fully-equipped facility.

The brand behind the best products for doing exactly this is Spencer. Few days if any,  pass without a paramedic putting her hands on a Spencer-branded device.

They may not be the most venerable name in the medical supplies business, but Spencer has spent the last three decades carving out a reputation for reliability, quality, and safety.

It is, after all, no good if the people who should be saving another’s life put themselves at risk over subpar equipment.

For this reason, experienced medics look for and demand that Spencer brand on as much equipment as they can when joining a team.


Spencer EMS’s story

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When the Italian-based company Spencer launched in 1989, they had a simple goal. They wanted to outfit emergency services with products conceived specifically for, as they put it on their site, “the delicate necessities of rescue.”

They’ve since created medical tools which have a place in the clinic too, but it all started with supplying emergency responders first. That culture shines in everything they create, which is an expanding list of tools.

In fact, today, Spencer produces over 1,700 products found in clinics and ambulances around the world.

Where many brands create a flow of guaranteed future revenue via planned obsolescence for their products, Spencer swims upstream in this regard. They want their customers to use their products longer than the rest.

Recently, they launched Spencer Care, a program for maintaining Spencer products. This program aims to improve the performance of your ambulance, both from a life-saving perspective, but also from a fiscal perspective.

An ambulance that has broken equipment due to poor maintenance has more problems than one. It’s not good for the patients, the paramedics, and it’s not good for Spencer.

Their care program saves almost 30% in standard maintenance costs. It reduces downtime by 35% and increases the lifespan of respective equipment by almost 100% (96% to be exact).


The unique look of Spencer


Most everything Spencer produces looks like it belongs on an ambulance, denoted by Spencer's use of bright colours: yellow, orange, or red. While not a matter of function, there is a simple design element to Spencer’s products, which gives them a distinct look.

In some ways, their products echo the simplicity of design found in brands like Apple, Sony, and Victorinox. If there was a beauty to be discovered in medical devices, Spencer is top of the pile.

Perfect examples of this include Spencer’s best-in-class neck brace, their variety of elegant stretchers, and their simple vacuum splints. Pleasing to the eyes, this isn’t necessarily the point of these tools.

Whereas many of the aforementioned brands use simplicity in their design elements to keep the focus on what matters most, the function of the product itself, Spencer accomplishes a similar feat.

In the field, there is no confusion when using Spencer’s products about where to place one’s hands. There' also no confusion about how to use them.

This is where design lends itself to the ideal user experience. That means better efficiency and a better overall experience for everyone.

Not only that, Spencer tools are easier to find when you need them. The tools a paramedic needs have to be visually categorized in such a way that not even a fraction of a second passes looking for the right tool. Imagine a white Ambulance interior where everything you need is white. It would be like finding sheep in a snowstorm. This is not the case with Spencer.  

Spencer’s commitment to quality


Early on, Spencer figured out that attention to quality was more than a customer service move. Quality products created better safety, not only for those being treated but for those performing the treatment.

It’s like the scene in Superman (1978) where he catches Lois Lane and says, “Easy Miss, I’ve got you,” and she replies, “You, you've got me? Who's got you?

Paramedics could reply, “Why Spencer has me, Miss.”

It’s a fair comparison. As the popular meme goes, not all heroes wear capes, but back to Spencer’s quality...

When Spencer creates a new product, they aren’t motivated by goals like cheaper, market share, and high investor returns. If the product they create can’t redefine new safety standards then it isn’t worth creating for Spencer.

They consider their most demanding client, the toughest tests they will ever need to pass, and solve for those situations.

To stay on point with this, Spencer keeps a flow of information from clients, end users, and anyone else who can give them feedback. If it doesn’t meet their expectation of top-level quality, they go back to work.


For those without Spencer


If you’re looking around at your equipment, and you notice a serious absence of Spencer products, you have only one option: Kick and scream until you get what you need.

If it’s your own operation, you’d be wise to look at upgrading to Spencer as your aging tools show wear and tear.

Need I mentioned that solving for a breakdown before it’s too late is wise? Consider it good news that your equipment is showing it’s age. It’s the ideal excuse to go full-Spencer.

You’ll not only be the envy of all the other paramedics, but you’ll also be able to work with the assurance that you are delivering the best possible emergency services of the modern day.

There is no price too high for restful sleep, easy when you know Spencer will have your back at work.  
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