Warning: These Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set Promotions May Floor You

Warning- These Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set Promotions May Floor You.png

If you are anything like us, you are also sitting here shaking your head and wondering how it is that we have almost reached the middle of 2017. It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming in the new year.

Disbelief aside, one of the great things that happens around this time of year are the Welch Allyn end of financial year promotions. If ever there was a time of year to score yourself an absolute bargain on some Welch Allyn products, it is now.

Welch Allyn are recognised globally as being the leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic technology. The name Welch Allyn is synonymous with excellence, quality, and innovation.

We want to share with you the two diagnostic set options from Welch Allyn that we are offering at 53% less than the RRP - only available until the EOFY and only at Medshop Australia.

Introducing the...

Welch Allyn Desk Set with Macroview Otoscope, Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

The RRP for this kit is $2,131.09 - We are offering the same package for $999.00 until the 30th of June -Saving you an amazing 53%

This kit includes the following:

  • Universal desk charger with 2 x 3.5v Lithium-ion handles
  • Macroview otoscope head with throat illuminator and LED lamp
  • Coaxial ophthalmoscope head with LED lamp

Introducing the...

Welch Allyn Desk Set with Macroview Otoscope and LED PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (with cobalt filter and corneal viewing lens)
Welch Allyn Desk Set with Macroview Otoscope, Panoptic Ophthalmoscope

The RRP for this kit is $2,568.12 - We are offering the same package for $1,199.00 until the 30th of June - Save you an amazing 53%

This kit includes the following:

  • Universal desk charger with 2 x 3.5v Lithium-ion handles
  • Macroview otoscope head with throat illuminator and LED lamp
  • PanOptic ophthalmoscope with cobalt filter and corneal viewing lens and LED lamp

As you can see the kits are both the same, bar the choice in an ophthalmoscope. Let's take a look at the kit inclusions and help you to decide whether a PanOptic ophthalmoscope or a coaxial ophthalmoscope is the right choice for you.


Universal desk charger with 2 x Lithium-ion 3.5v handles

charger and handles

The Welch Allyn universal desk charger is a compact, portable unit provides convenient drop-in recharging of desk/well-charger instrument handles.

Compatible with all rechargeable 3.5v handles from Welch Allyn, including Ni-cad and Lithium-ion.

The desk charger features coloured LED lights to indicate power to the unit and that the handles are charging. With constant automatic safe charging to mitigate overheating, promoting optimum lamp performance and rechargeable battery life.

The universal desk charger is compact and convenient. Since the diagnostic heads are interchangeable with the handles, you never need to be left without a charged handle ready to go again.


Macroview otoscope with throat illuminator


Welch Allyn's patented Macroview otoscope technology offers an almost complete view of the tympanic membrane without needing to be moved around. This is approximately twice the field of vision over most traditional otoscopes.

In addition to an expanded field of vision, the MacroView also boasts approximately 30% greater magnification than most standard otoscopes. This makes diagnosing issues a more precise and less straining experience for doctors.

Regarding eye strain, the ability to adjust the focus for variable ear canal lengths or farsighted vision is a very popular feature of the MacroView, enabling increased clarity and definition of landmarks.

This MacroView otoscope head also features a throat illuminator.


The LED Advantage

The LED lamps included in both kits for the otoscope and ophthalmoscope heads come with a 7-year warranty. This is because a single LED lamp is designed to last for at least 7 years. Unlike the standard halogen globes that can easily blow with a slight bump and generally wear out much faster. LED technology is the way of the future, far more efficient and environmentally sound than halogen.

Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

Coaxial blog image.jpg

The patented Welch Allyn Coaxial Vision System facilitates ophthalmoscopy by enabling easier entry into the eye, a larger field of view, and reduced glare compared to standard ophthalmoscopes.

Coaxial optics produce a shadow-free spot, easier entry into undilated pupils, and a larger field of view versus standard ophthalmoscopes. The polarising filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection while the built in cobalt blue filter assists with the detection of corneal abrasions.

Featuring six apertures for all general and specialist use with 18 possible aperture combinations for greater versatility. Plus 28 focusing lenses with a range of -25 to +40 diopters.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, rubber brow rest prevents scratching of eyeglasses and sealed optics keep out dust and dirt. The coaxial ophthalmoscope is considered to be an excellent general use ophthalmoscope.


PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens

PanOptic Ophth.png

Welch Allyn's premier patented PanOptic ophthalmoscope technology addresses and overcomes the fundamental challenge in ophthalmoscopy diagnostics; to get an optimal view of the fundus in order to make an accurate assessment.

The patented Axial PointSource™ optic technology makes it easy to enter undilated pupils. Meaning assessment can be carried out with less fuss and time.

PointSource offers a 25º field of view, resulting in a view of the fundus that’s 5X greater than you see with a standard ophthalmoscope in an undilated eye.

With these advantages practitioners have an enhanced view of retinal changes and are able to diagnose problems at a much earlier stage, improving treatment outcomes for patients.

The PanOptic provides enhanced images of the retinal changes caused by hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and papilledema, enabling doctors to make the diagnosis of these conditions earlier.

The cobalt filter and corneal viewing lens assist with the detection of even the most subtle corneal abrasions. The PanOptic ophthalmoscope is the best choice for ophthalmic specialists or doctors who wish to have the best of the best.

Exceptional bargains like these don't come around very often, just think about what you could do with the $1,000.00 + that you save by purchasing either of these kits now and until the 30th of June 2017.

In Melbourne, we're thinking perhaps a sunny getaway to Queensland for some winter respite might be in order.

If you know anyone who is looking for a diagnostic set, please share this with them. We are very proud to be able to offer such fantastic deals to our customers and we want everyone to know about it.

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