Vitals: 4 Fact-Fueled Reasons Why Women Need to Lift Weights

Let’s break the fitness conversation a little today. When we talk women and fitness, it’s so often centred on losing weight or getting thinner. There is nothing wrong with either of these goals provided they are approached in a healthy manner, but there is more than one approach to achieving these outcomes.


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Many articles promote doing cardio, dieting and buying a scale if you want to manage your weight. These are valid approaches but we want to explore the role that weight lifting can play in helping women to achieve their health and fitness goals. If you do happen to be in the market for a scale we do have a great package deal at the moment for a nutritional scale and bathroom scale set.

When we gain muscle mass through weight lifting, most often a person will achieve a smaller and tighter body, but the scales often show an increase in weight due to the density of muscle vs fat. That is why it is important to have a set of scales that show muscle mass and body fat percentage break down, like this one in our scale package.

If you want to do something other than join the masses of people chasing weight loss, let's consider how lifting weights might change your whole outlook. Lifting will no doubt make you stronger, but in ways you never imagined. It will also help you sleep better, help you develop your strength (both personally and physically), and boost your confidence.   


Strong, not Bulky

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Let’s get bulky out of the way first. Lifting weights will, in fact, make you bulky under one condition: you are feeding your body building blocks from which to build bulk. Those building blocks are calories delivered in your food or from the use of testosterone boosting drugs such as anabolic steroids. .

Lifting alone will not cause the female body to bulk up. Women's bodies do not naturally produce enough testosterone to bulk up in the same way that men do. That said if you eat more than your body needs you will bulk up to some extent, but your body must have matter from which to bulk, otherwise, that work is just calories burned. The sooner you can stop associating lifting weights with big muscles, the better. That’s not to say you can’t grow your muscles with lifting if you are eating the proper diet to support that growth.

More importantly. lifting is about strength. You may not think you want to be strong, but when was the last time you asked someone to help you lift something because it was too heavy? If it wasn’t recently, how long do you think you will stay at your current strength if you don’t start developing it? Without continuous development muscle mass will naturally decline particularly as we start to age.

Forget muscles getting stronger. Lifting also strengthens bones, your heart, your nervous system, your brain, and your resolution.

It stands to reason that if you become stronger physically, this will also affect your state of mind and you will in turn become stronger mentally. A strong sense of resolve enables us to better face life's challenges with grace and determination.


Better Sleep


Few people can claim they sleep well every night. Most would give anything just for incremental improvements in their nightly efforts. Lifting may be the key to better sleep for both genders, but we’re talking to the ladies.

The best way to ensure you sleep well at night is to use your body well during the day. If your day is filled with sitting, then lying down won’t be as productive as if you stand more or lift weights.

Even if you don’t sit much, as most health professionals tend to be on their feet, the more you wear your body down during the day, the more it will desire rest at night. Weight training resonates when we sleep; we even burn calories at that time.

All of that internal work being completed by our bodies can drop us into a deep rest in order for our bodies to assimilate the lifting challenges of the day.




It’s true, people who lift won’t need help loading the water jug onto the office water cooler, but their powers don’t stop there.

Even late into life, women who lift often get things done without the help of others. It’s not because they don’t like help. They simply don’t need it.

They’re not superheroes. They fall down like all mortals, but when lifters hit the ground, they can get themselves back up without calling for help.

That level of independence frees those who lift to venture where other dare not go. As a by product of their independence, lifters tend to be more adventurous people. Paths that may deter others for their wonky footfalls, women who lift may push through.



  Confidence - Smiling modern brunette    

It may be that they are strong. It may be because they get better rest than everyone else. Who knows for sure, but women who lift tend to walk higher.

The confidence from lifting is worth the short pain suffered during daily lifts. Confidence is the backbone of winning, professionally or otherwise. It’s no surprise that women who lift tend to get ahead in their careers.

Of course, all of these benefits are true for both genders, but the conversation tends to be male heavy. Fortunately, this is changing. More and more women lift weights every day. They are part of the growing list of strong women, who sleep better and are in charge of their respective worlds.

You should be next.

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