The ThermoScan Pro 6000 Changes Everything

Meet the Braun ThermoScan Pro 6000 Ear Thermometer, the latest advancement in tympanic thermometer technology from world leaders in the field, Welch Allyn. Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer.png Faster, more streamlined and with even more features to ensure accuracy and reliability, this new to market product is an exciting progression from the previous Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan Pro 4000 that the Pro 6000 supersedes. So if you are in the market for a new tympanic (ear) thermometer, here is what is so great about the new Welch Allyn Pro 6000 range. The Pro 6000 is available with your choice of a small cradle - designed to hold one box of probe covers (included) and sit on your desk, or a large cradle - with storage compartments for two boxes of probe covers (included) and with the ability to be mounted to a wall for extra security and convenience. blog-image-2   The cradle and thermometer designs are sleeker and less cumbersome than the Pro 4000 model with a large, clear LCD display that has been optimised for clarity and visibility in all lighting conditions. The Pro 4000 brought us the technological breakthrough of ExacTemp, a technology designed to provide the user with active feedback in the form of a light that signals that the probe is positioned correctly to remain secure throughout the duration of the measurement. ExacTemp was a great step forward in technology to mitigate the effect of user error in readings. The Pro 6000 uses ExacTemp technology in combination with the new and revolutionary PerfecTemp technology. With exciting new developments such as these, it is little wonder that Welch Allyn are leading the way in tympanic thermometry. So what is PerfecTemp technology? The Pro 6000 uses ExacTemp technology in combination with the new and revolutionary PerfecTemp technology..png In the words of Welch Allyn,
"PerfecTemp technology helps overcome challenges presented by ear canal anatomy and variability in probe placement. The thermometer collects information about the direction and depth of ear probe placement and automatically incorporates it into the temperature calculation. This helps support the accuracy of measurement as compared to core temperature, especially when probe positioning is not ideal."
This is what makes PerfecTemp so exciting and revolutionary, realising the benefits of taking tympanic thermometer readings in preference over other more invasive methods. Welch Allyn have managed to overcome the potential disadvantages of tympanic thermometry to deliver unprecedented accuracy. In case you aren't convinced about the advantages of taking temperature measurements from the ear using tympanic technology, here are a few reasons why it is becoming the standard temperature measurement technique all over the world.
  1. Access and speed: The measurement time of the Pro 6000 is 2-3 seconds. It can be used with either ear and there is no need for any undressing. Sterilisation is virtually a nonissue with the use of disposable probe covers.
  2. Less invasive than oral, auxiliary or rectal measurements: Not only does it save time, but it reduces patient anxiety and increases patient comfort.
  3. More hygienic: No mucous membrane or bodily fluid contact and no need for messy sheaths.
In addition, here are a few extra features that make the Pro 6000 so great. It has a memory recall button to display the last measurement taken, this is handy if you need to double check or document the reading after the patient has left. Combining thermometry with pulse measurement, the Pro 6000 has a 60-second pulse timer assists with manual measurement of pulse rate and respirations. Plus electronic and mechanical security features help prevent theft and loss. blog-image-3 At Medshop Australia, you will find the Pro 6000 Thermometer rangethe optional Pro 6000 charging station and the rechargeable battery pack, installed when you want to convert from the standard 2x AA Alkaline batteries to a rechargeable set up, plus the Pro 6000 probe covers, of course. You will find more details including product features and specifications for these products on our website. We hope you have enjoyed this product review and have a greater understanding of the virtues of tympanic thermometry and the technology that Welch Allyn is bringing to revolutionise the process. Come Join us on Pinterest! CLICK HERE for Pinterest.  
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