The Best Medical Safety Glasses for 2022

For a wide range of medical professionals, safety glasses and safety goggles have been an indispensable piece of PPE. This is true for medical  specialists working in a wide range of hazardous environments; whether you handle harsh chemicals, are exposed to intense light, work in proximity to infectious diseases or in busy operating theatres, it’s very likely that you won’t feel comfortable unless you have a pair of glasses or goggles. Now more than ever, the importance of having the right PPE is making itself apparent, and protective eyewear has become an essential piece of equipment not just for specialists, but for professionals working on every ward in every hospital. 

To help you find the right eyewear to suit your personal needs, or those of your department, we have compiled a list of the best medical safety glasses, goggles and other forms of eye protection. Whether you’re looking for the best safety glasses to fit over glasses for medical personnel working in an operating theatre, or for lightweight, universally useful and easily cleaned glasses for your visitors, we have an option for you.   

Prestige Coloured Temple Safety Glasses 

Prestige Medical Safety Glasses Aqua Sea Prestige Coloured Temple Safety Glasses

The coloured temple safety glasses by Prestige are versatile, and offer excellent eye protection for their price. Featuring anti-scratch and anti-static lenses with an anti-fog coating, these glasses guarantee stress-free clear vision, and are designed to avoid unwanted breaks to clean the lens whilst you’re working. The temples come in a range of colours from aquamarine and hot pink to royal blue and black, making them ideal for organisation. 

3M Farenheit Series Safety Goggles 

The Farenheit Series Safety Goggles by 3M are some of the best anti-fog medical safety glasses on the market. Built with extreme comfort in mind, the Farenheit Series Safety Goggles feature a wide support frame with an elasticated, adjustable head strap, making them comfortable during extended periods of use. They also guarantee excellent visibility.  With wrap-around, 180 Degree Distortion Free Vision, combined with anti-fog technology, and channels built to accommodate most prescription frames,  they offer a full spectrum of visibility. They can also be combined with most 3M Disposable and Reusable Respirators for the highest level of protection. 

UVEX Ultrashield with Lower Face Guard Eye Protection Goggles

The UVEX Ultrashield offers serious facial protection. Resistant to chemical splashes and a range of other hazards, the UVEX Ultrashield offers protection not just for your eyes, but for your entire face. It is built to fit over most prescription spectacles, and can be purchased with different lower face shield options, including a flip-up lower visor. Clear acetate and pc lens options are also available, both of which are anti-fog, allowing you to tailor the Ultrashield specifically to your needs. 

UVEX Cybri-Splash Eye Protection Spectacles

The UVEX Cybri-Splash Eye Protection Spectacles are an excellent example of low-profile, streamlined eye protection. Designed for easy integration into larger PPE sets, the Cybri-Splash can fit under most other items of protective gear, and features a dual lens design with 100% UV protection. They also include a non-vented foam guard for a complete and comfortable seal. 

UVEX Super F Otg CR Eye Protection 

The UVEX Super F Otg CR Eye Protection glasses are the best medical safety glasses for hospital visitors. Not only are they designed with comfort in mind, and are able to fit over most prescription glasses, but they are built to withstand frequent exposure to autoclave sterilisation. This makes them ideal for offering protection without the risk of passing on germs, and are some of the easiest-to-clean medical safety goggles on the market. 

Safety Glasses Atom - Clear Lens

Atom’s Safety Glasses offer simple functionality at its best. These practical glasses have been designed with comfort and security in mind, making them an excellent solution for medical professionals who need cheap and reliable safety glasses.

Prestige Full Frame Adjustable Safety Glasses 

Prestige Medical Safety Glasses Rose Prestige Printed Full Frame Adjustable Safety Glasses

These adjustable safety glasses are perfect if you’re looking for eye protection with a  fun splash of colour. With anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses, these glasses guarantee to keep your vision clear even in busy environments, making them the perfect safety goggles for working with children. 

Sando Protective Safety Glasses 

Sando Safety Glasses AZTEC Sando Protective Safety GlassesIf you are looking for comprehensive eye protection, and don’t want to compromise on style then The Sando Protective Safety Glasses are the safety goggles for you. They come in a wide range of exciting colours, designs and styles, which are also visible on the case and lanyard which are included for extra security. These glasses aren’t only cool; they also feature high-quality scratch resistant lenses, an anti-fog coating, and a slimline design, making them compatible with many other types of headgear. 

3M Virtua Series Safety Glasses Grey Anti-Fog Hard Coat Lens 

3M Healthcare Safety Glasses 3M Virtua Series Safety Glasses Grey Anti-Fog Hard Coat Lens

The Virtua Series of Safety Glasses are some of the best super-portable safety glasses for medical professionals. With a super-sleek, unisex design, they can be easily folded and kept in your top pocket whilst not in use; for when they are in use, their wrap-around design guarantees fantastic visibility. 

Hogies Macro Protective Safety Glasses 

Hogies Safety Glasses Green Hogies Macro Protective Safety Glasses

The Macro Protective Safety Glasses by Hogies offer ideal eye protection for medical professionals with larger heads. Available in a range of colours, and featuring a medium-velocity impact resistant lens, these safety goggles allow the wearer to maintain an excellent standard of eye safety without compromising on comfort.

If you haven’t quite found the medical safety goggles that you are looking for, more styles and designs are available at Medshop Australia’s store

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