October's Bizarre Medical Stories Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Bizarre Medical Stories- Oct 2016.png   Misophonia, while silly-sounding the first time you hear of it, is nothing short of enraging to those who suffer this disorder. In case you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s where the sound of chewing drives you insane. For one Queensland woman, the condition was so bad, she made the news. Not only that, but there is no end to the depravity of the internets, with new and interesting subreddits popping up all the time. This time, they’ve taken an interest in videos of a medical condition you’ll not believe until you see. These stories and more follow in our spooky October instalment of bizarre medical stories...    

Woman Suffers Blind Rage From Listening to You Eat

  [caption id="attachment_4003" align="alignnone"]7e80a1af8cb381b84240a5f61ff7a91b (Source: couriermail.com.au)[/caption]   Imagine if every time someone near you chewed their food audibly, you lost control of your emotional response. What if your emotional response was so bad you couldn’t control the things you said? To make matters worse, what if nobody would take your concerns about your behaviour in earnest? That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Queensland named Marina Sergeant. Doctors laughed her out of their offices. Her only solution was isolation, wearing headphones whenever someone near her was eating. She was sure she was crazy until she met with an audiologist in Brisbane, who’s been helping her through cutting edge therapy. The treatment involves brain stimulation and visualisation techniques.    

Reddit Community Obsessed with Tonsil Stone Removal Videos

  [caption id="attachment_4006" align="alignnone"]tonsil-stone (Source: independent.co.uk)[/caption]   A community within the popular Reddit platform has developed an obsession with videos where the videographer removes tonsil stones. What are they? Imagine little mucous-shaped off-white calcified bits of mass. Using various applicators and a video recorder, the poster records himself removing a stone. They usually finish with a close-up of the stone with something to compare the size. Fans cannot stop watching these videos. They take some satisfaction from watching the extractions.    

Kiwi Cyclist Seeks Cure for Chronic Side Stitch

  [caption id="attachment_4010" align="alignnone"]1473986342212 (Source: stuff.co.nz)[/caption]   George Bennett suffers from side stitch. You know, that pain in your side when you exercise after a long period of inactivity? It’s not supposed to happen to professional athletes. Recently reported in Stuff, the New Zealand professional cyclist has suffered from the affliction for the past six years. Despite his best efforts to resolve the problem through traditional medicine, he’s found no solutions. He’s even gone under the knife but to no avail. Now, he’s on a worldwide search for any answers to his problem.    

Two Year Old Boy Has Third Arm Growing From His Spine

  [caption id="attachment_4013" align="alignnone"]NINTCHDBPICT000275197437 (Source: stuff.co.nz)[/caption]   While bizarre, there is nothing funny about this one. The condition, spina bifida, is not rare. The limb growing from the Nepalese boy’s spine is, however, unique. It is the undeveloped arm of what might have been his twin. The question on the table for the boy’s parents is whether to remove it. The obvious answer is of course, yes, remove it, but there is a risk. The arm may not work, but it's connected to the boy’s spine in such a way that surgical removal could debilitate him. He could go from walking to a life in a wheelchair. The boy is too young to realise he has this deformity, but that won’t last forever. His parents, who originally heeded the advice of religious shamans, now seek true medical help.    

Mystery Body Found on Somerton Beach in 1948 Linked to USA Via DNA

  [caption id="attachment_4016" align="alignnone"]sub-buzz-6708-1474664826-1 (Source: buzzfeed.com)[/caption]   Who exactly was the man found that day in 1948 has remained a mystery since the day someone discovered his body. He was so peacefully positioned, many thought he was just drunk. The coroner was unable to discern how the man had passed, theorising it was poisoning, but with no proof, he recorded the cause as unknown. That was not the end of the puzzle for the Somerton man, as history would record his name. The only clues to who he was were a piece of paper in his hands reading, “Taman Shud,” which is Persian for “finished,” In his pockets, they found chewing gum, combs, and unused bus and train tickets. Investigators assumed he was from the United States (per the gum), but nobody could have predicted just how native this American would eventually turn out to be. His recently approved DNA test revealed Native American blood, as well as ties to Thomas Jefferson’s family. The man's true name is yet unknown, so the mystery continues...   Like our images? Come Join us on Pinterest!
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