Healing Maggots, Head Holes, and Johnny Depp’s Amputation

How do these relate? These are bizarre-but-true medical stories from around the globe. The theme this month centres on the revitalisation of therapies once thought forgotten. While we don’t expect anyone will cut holes in human heads to relieve pain anytime soon, patients turn more and more to treatments like maggots and grass for relief. In the case of Johnny Depp, self-amputation is also a viable practice.     Bizarre Medical Stories- August 2016.png     Welcome to the August issue of Bizarre Medical Stories, where we cover stories from around the world that you can hardly believe. For the record, we neither condone or condemn any of these practices. They are news stories, shared for entertainment purposes. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if these are crazy ideas or the best thing since mouldy bread.     

Head Holes

160720115348-01-holes-in-the-head-exlarge-169     Could there be any reasonable explanation why Incas would cut geometric holes in the head of a living man? At least one archaeologist believes there may be. As reported by CNN, in Peru and otherwise throughout Panamerica, archeologists have found evidence of ancient peoples cutting holes presumably to relieve pain. The skulls with holes in them are nothing new. They’ve pulled them out of caves since the early 20th century. It’s only recently that archaeologists have connected the dots, or holes if you will. The theory is not so far-fetched. At the time they made these holes, across the ocean the Greeks were doing the same thing with drills. The survival rate in the Americas was about 40% when they started cutting holes, but closer to 80% in later years. Not bad considering the going rate for anaesthetists 500 years ago.    


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.04.08 AM     Utilising the larvae of the greenbottle blowfly to clean dead tissue is nothing new to humanity. In fact, it may be one of Humanity’s oldest remedies, practiced in biblical times. As reported in Thrillest, this practice fell out of favour in light of antibiotics. That means it hasn’t been gone that long, around for much longer than antibiotics. Although we’ve been using antibiotics since the Greeks, they weren’t discovered until after the invention of the automobile. What’s astounding is how well maggots work for clearing dead tissue. In a world where fears around resistant bacteria proliferate, more venerable treatments like maggots may take the spotlight. What's next? Holes in our heads to relieve headaches?    

Healing Grass

JS68183080     Football star, Johnathan Woodgate, reveals in the Gazette Live, that he used grass to heal his leg. No, not grass as in marijuana, but grass as in what is grown on the field. After trying to botox a muscle in his leg to get it to stop firing proved unsuccessful, he saw a doctor who applied boiled grass to the affected area. The treatment involved wrapping the grass covered leg in cling wrap for 48 hours. Woodgate doesn’t say whether or not it worked, but admits that “you will do anything [when you want recover].”    

Johnny Depp 

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.08.26 AM     The most bizarre medical story of late… Recently reported by TMZ, Johnny Depp, in a fit of rage soaked in booze, ecstasy and paint (yup, paint) chopped off the end of his finger. He then dipped his decapitated finger in blue paint, writing “Billy Bob” on the mirror. The reason he wrote “Billy Bob is clear, but the chopping and dipping are muddy. Apparently, he’d been drinking and taking ecstasy when he accidentally chopped off the end of his finger. The rage was per his belief that his wife, Amber Heard, had been sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton. This news is only just coming out now per the recent divorce with Amber Heard. Depp survived, but slightly smaller than before.     1024px-Doctor_takes_blood_pressure.jpg     Before you start slapping maggots on a recent would or dipping fresh wounds in paint, we lobby you check with your doctor first. A doctor can determine the best course of action. If you decide that still means holes in your head and boiled grass on your leg, at least you’ve started your research in the right place. Just, don’t call us when your brains are leaking all over the place. We’re more about modern medical tools, like the Welch Allyn Student Sphygmomanometer. In fact, we just knocked over $40 off that one. Yes, that was a shameless plug, but at least it was at the end. Plus, it’s a ridiculous deal, which beats a hole in your head any day. Do you like to see wacky medical images? You should see the ones we have on our Pinterest page.     Come Join us on Pinterest!
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