Goldilocks Math: Find The Just-right-for-you Omron Blood Pressure Cuff

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Omron Healthcare have long been considered one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of blood pressure monitoring. They invented their first blood pressure monitors over 50 years ago and have since been committed to advancing health care and blood pressure monitoring technology.
Omron is very interested in assisting people through a focus on personal health and health monitoring at home.
"Your numbers are not just numbers. They are information about your body and its health. The more you understand, the better you can take care of yourself. The more accurate the technology, the healthier you can be. We have even taken this philosophy beyond readings and tracking into the delivery of pain relief precisely where you need it at the exact level you need. Helping improve your ability to live a healthier life is quite simply the heart and soul of our purpose." - Omron
We often get asked by our customers, which Omron blood pressure monitor is right for me? Today we will try and help answer that question for you.
We are focusing on the range most commonly used in home care and as personal monitoring devices, however, many nurses and general practitioners also use these monitors.
Before we get into the specifics, something that makes the Omron blood pressure monitors unique is the exclusive IntelliSense technology.
IntelliSense technology was developed by Omron Healthcare to enable Omron blood pressure monitors to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each individual user. This technology provides a more comfortable and accurate way to take blood pressure readings.
This range consists of the following devices the HEM-7130, HEM-7322 and the HEM-7320. What most of our customers first notice is the price differences between the models.
Let's begin by taking a look at the HEM-7130 monitor, the lowest price point of the range at $110.00 ex GST.
Omron 7130.png
This blood pressure monitor is a standard model ideal for many users, it includes all of the following features:
  • Blood Pressure Level Indicator - a useful reference guide to high blood pressure, making home blood pressure monitoring easier. This helps eliminate the guesswork in interpreting blood pressure readings taken from home monitors.
  • Cuff wrapping guide detects and indicates whether the cuff is correctly wrapped & positioned around the arm
  • Large and clear display- easy to read
  • Irregular heartbeat detector
  • Detects body movement - for more accurate measurement readings
  • Memory for 60 sets of readings with date and time
  • Displays an average of last three readings taken within last 10 minutes
  • Medium to Large Cuff 22 - 42cm
The next monitor to review is the HEM-7322, at $140.00 ex GST.
Omron 7322.png
Our customers usually want to know why this monitor is more expensive than the HEM-7130, the reason is the additional features it includes on top of the above mentioned standard features.
The HEM-7322 features the innovative dual check system, this system informs users whether the device is working well for extra peace of mind. If the device detects a fault of any kind or a flat battery, it will inform the user so you can be assured of the accuracy of this monitor.
You can store an additional 30 readings in the monitor's memory storage, ideal for patients who are required to keep accurate logs of readings over a three month period. This device does it all for you which may mean fewer trips to the doctors for some people.
It also features a colour coded blood pressure level indicator, designed to provide a clear visual representation to indicate if the reading has exceeded the internationally recognised guidelines.
What really puts the cherry on top for the 7322 is the enhanced longer life battery. These blood pressure monitors can all be used with and AC adapter and plugged into a wall socket but for people needing to take readings while travelling this extra long life, the battery provides some additional peace of mind and convenience.
Last but not least we have the HEM-7320 at $158.00 ex GST.
Omron 7320.png
The HEM-7320 has the same features as the HEM-7130 but also includes a specially designed carry case, this makes the HEM-7320 the ideal choice for those who want the benefit of the additional features and the convenience of portability.
This makes it perfect for people who need to travel around and who want to ensure their monitor is secure and well protected during transit.
We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of which Omron blood pressure monitor best suits your needs.
The Omron blood pressure monitors are world renown for a reason, understanding all the features and the advanced technology they incorporate, it is not surprising they have achieved this global recognition.
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