Clinicart Diagnostic Sets and Equipment Have Just What You Need

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This week we are proud to introduce our new range of diagnostic sets and tools. The diagnostic sets have been designed for Medshop's own brand Clinicart. We have brought these products into our range to fill a gap in the market.

Welch Allyn diagnostic sets remain the most popular that we sell, however, we wanted a range that could compete with Welch Allyn in terms of quality and design while offering a lower price point to our customers. Thus, the Clinicart Diagnostic range was born and we are very excited to introduce it to you.


The Clinicart Fibre Optic Diagnostic Set in Hard Case



This diagnostic set includes an otoscope head, an ophthalmoscope head, an interchangeable handle, disposable specula in adult and paediatric sizes, a hard carry case and a 3-year warranty.

Let's talk about the benefit of fibre optic technology. Fibre optic technology utilises very fine strands of optical fibres that provide a narrow and straight path for a ray of light to travel down.

Because the light is so concentrated while travelling down the narrow and straight path, it results in a higher quality of light intensity that allows the light to reach it's destination in a highly focused manner. In the context of a diagnostic otoscope or ophthalmoscope this results in an enhanced quality of light with improved clarity and visibility.

The fibre optic set uses a halogen lamp, the benefit of halogen lamps is that they are designed to stay cool and not over heat which is common of incandescent lamps. Halogen lamps also have a longer lifespan than incandescent lamps.

The Clinicart fibre optic diagnostic set is designed to be lightweight yet durable. The power supply runs off c cell batteries which are not included, but we also sell these for a very good price here. The benefit of battery power is portability, as you will not require a power outlet to operate the diagnostic tools.

This set is a great all-rounder and a standout for it's price range, plus you get a three year warranty. Something that is pretty much unheard of with your lower price point diagnostic sets.


The Clinicart LED Pocket Diagnostic Set in Hard Case


This diagnostic set includes a pocket style otoscope head, a pocket style ophthalmoscope head, 2 pocket style handles with LED technology and a swivel type window that provides 3x magnification, disposable specula in adult and paediatric sizes, a hard case + an additional soft case, and a 3 year warranty.

The Clinicart LED pocket diagnostic set is packed full of amazing features and value. Unlike the fibre optic kit, this kit utilises fibre optic connectivity with LED lamp technology instead of halogen.

LED provides brighter and clearer light and the benefit of longer lasting lamps. Did you know that the LED lamps are designed to last for many years and use less power to run than halogen or incandescent lamps.

The clever mini design provides all the essentials plus some bonus extras, like the additional handle and the additional soft carry case. The handles are interchangeable with the heads so if the battery of one handle runs flat while you are out and about, you will have a back up handle.

One of the main benefits of this set is that is provides everything you need without the added bulk. While the set may be pocket sized, it is as tough and durable as they come.

All Clinicart diagnostic sets are manufactured from impact-resistant reinforced plastic and high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel.


The Clinicart LED Pocket Diagnostic Otoscope in Soft Case

mde00058_clinicart_led_diagnostic_otoscope_in_soft_pouch The Clinicart LED pocket diagnostic otoscope in soft case includes a pocket otoscope, a soft case and disposable specula in adult and paediatric sizes. This otoscope mirrors the one from the pocket diagnostic set, with fibre optic technology and a super bright LED lamp, this kit is a pocket rocket.

Perfect for someone who only requires an otoscope and doesn't need to purchase an ophthalmoscope, this kit gives you the option. Plus the amazing three year warranty gives you peace of mind.

The comparable model from Welch Allyn only has a one year warranty, so we think the Clinicart LED pocket otoscope is the best choice.



So there you have it, the new Clinicart diagnostic range. Our answer to the demand for lower cost but still high-quality diagnostic equipment.

All of the Clinicart diagnostic sets have been designed for use by professionals and students alike, and with the amazing 3-year warranties, there is really nothing to lose.

We also sell the disposable specula that you need.


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