Attention Osteopath and Chiropractic Students! Medshop Australia Has You Covered

At the risk of tooting our own horn, Medshop Australia has a long legacy working with chiropractic and osteopath students. It's simply a fact of our heritage.

Company director Dr Steven Cumper who graduated from RMIT University with a bachelors and masters degree in osteopathy founded the company in 2005.

Finding it difficult to source suitable medical supplies and equipment as an osteopath and seeing a gap in the market, under his leadership Medshop Australia was born.

From humble beginnings to the company you see today, Medshop Australia has continued to service the needs of chiropractic and osteopath students.

Now, due to popular demand, Medshop Australia has teamed with Macquarie University and RMIT University to create student kits that meet the specific course requirements for each university.


This is Only the Beginning...


We are open to working with any university that approaches us to create a kit for their course requirements.

Due to Medshop's success as a company, we are able to offer the most competitive prices and save students the significant time and money that it would take to source all items individually.

If you are interested in having Medshop Australia put together a chiropractic or osteopath kit to meet your university course requirements, please review the instructions shown on the category page.

Realising that people like to have options, we have a core package of university required essentials including items such as reflex hammers, tape measure, alcohol swabs, tongue depressors and thermometers.


RMIT University

RMIT Chiropractic and Osteopath Student Kit

The RMIT chiropractic and osteopath kit is the base kit required for chiropractic and osteopathy students at RMIT University. This is the exact kit developed in coordination with the university.

On top of this kit, students are required to select a stethoscopediagnostic set and sphygmomanometer with the option of also purchasing a medical bag to store and carry the equipment.  

Macquarie University

Macquarie Chiropractic and Osteopath Student Kit.png Developed in coordination with Macquarie University, the Macquarie chiropractic and osteopath kit is the base kit required for chiropractic and osteopathy students. As with the RMIT Kit, Macquarie students must select a stethoscopediagnostic set and sphygmomanometer with the option of also purchasing a medical bag to store and carry the equipment.

For every other student need, you get to choose the option that best suits you. We have various options for you to choose from the following products: bags, sphygmomanometers, diagnostic sets and stethoscopes.

We have provided an agreed upon range in collaboration with the universities to provide various price points, technical options (and even colours) for students.

If you or anyone you know is a chiropractic or osteopath student, share this blog with them to spread the news and help save them time and money.

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