ANNOUNCING: Medshop’s Student Scholarship Program Winner(s)



In 2017 we launched the Medshop Student Scholarship Program. Due to the success of the program, we decided to continue the legacy this year with the 2018 Medshop Student Scholarship Program.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who submitted an application this year, the response we received was outstanding.

The calibre of applications was phenomenal, making our job of choosing a winner and runner-up all the more challenging.

This year, we asked applicants to respond to the question:


"What inspires you about the medical or healthcare field you have chosen to pursue a career in?"

The responses we received inspired us. Australia is very fortunate to have so many passionate and dedicated future healthcare professions joining the ranks.

We hope that the process of writing the applications was a worthwhile opportunity for you to reflect on the reasons you are pursuing your chosen career, and we hope that this is something that you can hold on to in the years to come.

Applicants were also required to follow Medshop Australia on one or more social media channels, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. We also asked applicants to share the scholarship details on either Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #medshopscholarship.

Now for the exciting part, announcing the winner and runner-up. As previously mentioned, this was no easy task. SO, without further adieu...

Our runner-up this year impressed us with her diligence and determination to make a difference in the field of Neurology, please join us in congratulating the runner-up of the 2018 Medshop Student Scholarship Program, Rida Hanna.

Rida's inspiration was sparked at a young age when her mother's life was saved by a neurosurgeon and their team. From that day on, Rida's drive to pay it forward inspired in her a passion for medical science and a desire to make a difference.

In her words,  

"Life begins one day and ends the next. Though it is the longest thing we experience, it is still so fleeting and ephemeral that coming to terms with its inevitable end is a life-long process. Health is the most fragile component of being. Everyone is vulnerable to its decline – no matter your age, race, or socio-economic background." 

Congratulations again, Rida. Great work!

  final_rotating_carousel_banner_2 2.jpg

There was another applicant who won us over unanimously as the first place winner. Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Medshop Student Scholarship Program champion...


Kelly-Anne Bell!

Kelly's story of growing up in rural country Victoria, the adversity she and the members of her community faced, the disadvantages that are the reality of rural healthcare, and her deep commitment and love of the bush and rural medicine moved us all.

Her strength and resilience in the face of adversity represents a great triumph of the human spirit. We know she will be an absolute asset to the field of medicine and her community.

As she puts it...  
"Studying medicine should never be based on a desire for wealth, or recognition, rather its qualities of social justice; of being able to contribute positively to the social determinants of health, that you yourself have experienced, are what inspires and motivates. Because locality should not dictate quality of care."
Once again we would like to thank each and every person who applied, shared, liked and supported the 2018 Medshop Student Scholarship Program in any way   final_rotating_carousel_banner_1 2.jpg

It is because of these things that we are able to continue to offer this program, in support of the medical and healthcare professionals of the future.

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