10 Things we Love About Nurses

Happy May the 12th to all our nurses out there, today is International Nurses Day and we are here to celebrate you and thank you for everything you do. Being a nurse is often touted as one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions out there. Nurses are renowned for their strong work ethic, dedication, strength of character and resolve. It takes a special person to be a nurse and we admire you. This is why today on International Nurses Day we are dedicating our blog post to celebrating some of the things we love about you, nurses.
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1. Nurses listen when it feels like nobody else is listening.
Nurses don't only offer a helping hand but they often lend a sympathetic ear to their patients and sometimes even a shoulder to cry on. Of course, nurses have a sense of obligation to provide care for their patients, it is part of the job description after all. But 9.9 out of 10 times a nurse will hear you out because they genuinely care. Nurses want to ease their patients worry and suffering, and we all know the therapeutic benefits of a good heart to heart conversation.
Nurses make my pain go away.png
2. Nurses make my pain go away.
This can be in a very practical sense because they are administering pain medication and of course for someone who is in pain, relief from pain via medication is of great comfort. In a more holistic sense, however, nurses being there for their patients and offering care and support helps to alleviate emotional pain. A hug from a caring nurse can be just as soothing as any kind of drug.
Nurses always give more than their job requirement.png
3. Nurses always give more than their job requirement.
Nurses are truly remarkable in their abilities to go above and beyond the basic requirements of the job. They miss lunch breaks, develop a bladders of steel when emergency situations mean no toilet breaks, and stay late - all in the name of getting the job done well. Not only that, but they act as a conduit for communication between patients, family members, doctors and administrative staff, all before some of us have breakfast.
Like a good family, nurses may fight amongst each other, but you would never know it from outside..png
4. Like a good family, nurses may fight amongst each other, but you would never know it from outside.
Let's face it, not everyone gets along. Between personality clashes differing approaches to processes, different ways of handling stress and miscommunication, it is inevitable that some clashes will occur. The brilliant thing about nurses is that they know not to let pettiness get in the way of practice. Plus if there are any disagreements, they are generally resolved behind closed doors and out of the way of patients. Patients aren't subjected to any drama and issues are resolved in a practical and objective manner.
Nurses tell the Doctor when something is being overlooked..png
5. Nurses tell the Doctor when something is being overlooked.
In a perfect world doctors would get it right 100% of the time. Since we are living in the real world, this isn't always the case. One of the reasons doctors couldn't live without nurses is that sometimes a nurse will observe something or unearth something in conversation about the patient, that the doctor could have missed. Some patients can be intimidated by doctors and apprehensive of explaining the icky sticky details to them. Nurses often have a way of making patients feel comfortable and more relaxed, which in turn helps them to open up. You can be sure that if a patient has concerns about a doctor's diagnosis or isn't feeling comfortable for whatever reason, the nurse will act as a champion for the patient's concerns.
Nurses know how to give shots that don't hurt. (1).png
6. Nurses know how to give shots that don't hurt.
Needle phobia can be a serious issue amongst patients of all ages. Some people will even go as far as to avoid recommended shots just to avoid the needle! If patients open up to a nurse about their fears, a nurse will be able to help them to resolve that fear. This might be achieved by using a finer needle where possible, some topical anaesthetic, or even just a gentle hand, distracting conversation and a sticker or lollipop at the end. Trust your nurse when she says it won't hurt, nurses have somewhat magical techniques for ensuring the utmost comfort for their patients. It will be over before you even realise it started, speaking from personal experience.
Nurses make itchy things stop itching..png
7. Nurses make itchy things stop itching.
Itching may seem like a mild symptom, that is until you find yourself stuck in a world of itchy pain that seems to consume every last piece of your resolve to stop yourself from scratching yourself to shreds for relief. Never fear, the nurse is here, they have a vast selection of topical, oral and even injectable preparations to help soothe any itch. Even an itch you cannot scratch, like a limb in a cast. As a nurse, you might not think much of curing an itch but for the patient's piece of mind, it can mean everything in the world to them at that moment.
Nurses keep me from losing it..png
8. Nurses keep me from losing it.
After all the pain relief, the ointments and shots, nurses are the ones who keep us from totally freaking out. They've witness the full gamut of human experiences first hand, from birth to death so nobody is better equipped to put our pain in perspective. We'd all be better off if we could keep nurses around all the time for counsel.
Nurses dedicate themselves to continued learning..png
9. Nurses dedicate themselves to continued learning.
Nursing is one of those professions where you don't just stop studying at the end of your degree or diploma, nurses dedicate their own free time to the pursuit of professional development. They strive to provide their patients with the best of care and they are dedicated to keeping abreast of the ever-evolving healthcare industry. This takes a lot of dedication and commitment. We respect and admire that.
Nurses are everyday superheroes.png
10. Nurses are everyday superheroes
They might not fly around in tight spandex wearing capes but nurses are actually superheroes in disguise. Think about it, they work all around the clock to care for and protect the people within their communities. They spend their days fighting grime, infections and fighting for patients health,well being and speedy recoveries. They sacrifice their own breaks and free time to meet patient's needs and they work tirelessly to see their patients smile. Their selfless application towards to the health and well-being of others along with their ability to perform life-saving miracles qualifies them for the title of superheroes in our opinion.
We could go on and on about all the great things nurses bring to our world. They are our rock when we need them to be, our partners in pain, and our future leaders.
If you're a nurse, thank you for all that you do. We think you deserve to treat yourself. Send this blog to someone you know... the following message is for them.
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-Medshop Australia Team
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