The Best Medical Bags and Kits for Nurses, Doctors and Medical Professionals


Having access to the right medical equipment at the right time can mean the difference between life and death–particularly if you are a doctor, nurse, or medical professional who is regularly practicing in your local community. This means finding a medical kit or bag that suits your needs is crucial. 

Ease of organisation, portability, and effective protection are all important considerations when choosing a medical bag, but comfort, style and visibility are also worth considering. To help you find the right equipment, we’ve compiled a list of the best medical bags, backpacks and kits. 

Bollman Promed Bag 

The Bollman Promed Bag is a mobile workhorse, allowing you to carry a wide range of medical supplies in all weathers. Its water-repellent shell, combined with removable, cushioned shoulder straps create a medical bag that can be carried into a variety environments, with the assurance that its contents will stay safe.

The Bollman Promed boasts a range of storage spaces, including four removable clear boxes, a safe compartment for an oxygen bottle, two trays with capacity for 74 ampoules, and a large front pocket for personal items. Durable, spacious and light, this is an excellent medical bag to keep in the car, and to take on you community rounds. 

Elite Bags Paramed’s Rescue Tactical Bag 

The Paramed’s Rescue Tactical Bag is one of the best medical backpacks on the market. Lightweight, comfortable, robust and incredibly versatile, this tactical backpack can be equipped to provide comprehensive first aid support.

Featuring several large compartments, varied elastic storage bands, and a waterproof cover, this first aid bag will help you to get your medical materials to where they are needed with safety and ease. This bag is also equipped with Molle straps for personal modification. 

Elite Bags Classy’s Compact Leather Briefcase Doctor’s Bag 

The Compact Leather Briefcase Doctor’s Bag brings an air of class to the diagnostic room. This compact and beautifully crafted bag allows doctors or students to carry their essentials with them in style. The spacious internal compartment has the capacity for a range of basic materials, and the elegant leather design suggests a refined and homely bedside manner. 

Oxygen and Resuscitation Bag 

The Oxygen and Resuscitation Bag is amongst the best specialist medical bags available, and is built extremely strong fabric available amongst oxygen transportation systems. In addition to its large, central oxygen compartment, this bag comes with several additional pockets designed for functionality; creating a versatile and easily-organised portable hub for oxygen therapy. It also comes with reflective striping for visibility and security. 


Doctor’s Trolley

The Doctor's Trolley is an excellent option for transporting your medical supplies. Versatile, spacious and portable, it offers excellent support for medical practitioners, and is ideal to carry with you, or to keep in the car.

The Doctor’s Trolley has the capacity for many, varied medical supplies, utilising modular velcro systems and removable compartments to provide flexibility. An integrated isothermal compartment offers insulation for 43 ampoules, and the reinforced structure, combined with a lockable zip, will keep the remainder of its contents safe. For medical practitioners who value portability and reliability, the Doctor’s Trolley is an essential piece of kit. 

Ferno 5120 Oxygen Carry Kit 

The Ferno Oxygen Carry Kit is a valuable piece of medical equipment. With a range of straps and pockets, the Ferno Oxygen Carry kit is highly portable, quickly organised, and is easily carried to an emergency. Its bright red colouring makes it highly visible, so that it’s easy to grab in an emergency, and also ensuring medical practitioners remain seen. 

Large Red First Aid Bag 

The Large Red First Aid Bag is an absolute must-have. Invaluable in a wide range of situations, it provides doctors, paramedics and civilians with an easy transport option for all of their First Aid essentials. Its large, modular internal compartment and variety of external pockets allow for the organisation of your first aid supplies to suit your needs. Featuring reflective bands, it is easily identified in an emergency situation, making it the best medical bag to keep prepared in the car. It also supports a range of carrying options, including a shoulder strap, surrounding handles, and a hidden backpack function. 

Elite Bags FAST’S Waist and Leg First Aid Kit Bag with Quick Opening 

 The FAST’S Waist and Leg First Aid Kit Bag is a great pack for any paramedic. It’s quick-opening action and waist attachment option make this the best bag for carrying your most essential medical supplies. Featuring Molle panels, side elastic bands, and elasticated side panels, this bag is incredibly flexible, and can be attached to your person or to larger bags. 

Aero Red First Aid Backpack

The Aero Red First Aid Backpack is an indispensable piece of kit for everyone with first-aid needs. Whether you are a medical professional, a medical student or are just looking for extra safety on your camping trip, the First Aid Backpack will help you to ensure that you have your essentials to hand. Featuring three zippered compartments and clear detachable content packs, this backpack offers an affordable and effective way to organise your medical essentials so that they are there when you need them! 

This list has been chosen to showcase the top medical bags tailored to suit a wide range of needs. However, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t worry! There are plenty of other styles, designs and solutions available online. If what you’re looking for hasn’t been included in this list, feel free to check out Medshop's online store for a wider range of options!
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