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What Your Mother Never Told You – How to Clean Your Scrubs!

Easily the most recognisable item of clothing in the industry, the humble medical scrub is exposed to all sorts of fluids and discharges on a nurse’s routine shift—which as everyone knows could see them end up getting rather dirty. Your scrubs may well be the first thing a patient sees, and it’s always great to […] ... Read More

World Mental Health Day 2019 – How to Deal with Nurse Burnout

Thursday 10th October 2019 marks World Mental Health Day—24 hours dedicated to education and awareness of mental health issues, alongside the advocacy against social stigma. Naturally, any nurse will have dealt with patients exhibiting varying mental health issues during the course of their careers, however, what is very often overlooked is the mental health of […] ... Read More

Student Nursing Kits — A Budget-Friendly Way to Get Everything You Need

Studying medicine is time consuming enough without having to spend hours worrying about which is the best student nursing kit for you. Enrolling on the path to becoming a nurse is a big step, and fees for undergrad courses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Not only will you be expected to […] ... Read More

The Best Bags and Pouches for Nurses

Whether on the emergency ward or out in the community, nurses always need the right tools to carry out their vitally important jobs. This is especially true for those nurses working in high pressure environments where the right equipment has to be readily available and within easy reach. That is why we want to talk […] ... Read More

Choosing the Best Sphygmomanometer for Everyday Use

They’re easy to use but difficult to pronounce (at least at first). That’s right, it’s every nurse’s favourite piece of equipment, the sphygmomanometer. As one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in hospitals, choosing the right kind of sphygmomanometer is very important—whether you are on the job or still studying. Here at Medshop, […] ... Read More

What to Do if You Break a Mercury Thermometer

The evolution of the thermometer begins with the Greeks, with Hero of Alexandria recognising that certain substances expand and contract dependant on temperature. At that time, it was simply a water/air interface that was more of a scientific curiosity than a piece of practical equipment. It took another 1600 years for the first device that […] ... Read More

Student Supplies – Welch Allyn at the Top of the Pile

When it comes to student supplies, there’s one name that usually stands out from the crowd—Welch Allyn. With more than a century of innovation and experience in the field of medical equipment, it is perhaps no surprise that this particular brand should hold such sway with students around the world. However, when it comes to […] ... Read More

Smart Fobs – The Future of the Humble Nurses Watch

Nurses fob watches have been a staple of the uniform for almost as long as anyone can remember, and while the first watches to be flipped upside down and pinned to a white apron may be lost to history, it is clear that the practicality and functionality of those simple designs have remained important to […] ... Read More

The Evolution of Nursing Shoes — From Florence Nightingale to Future Materials

  Whether you’re a student or a long-serving veteran nurse, you might be forgiven for thinking that your shoes are a pretty boring part of your uniform. Sure, they’re practical, hopefully comfortable, and definitely hygienic. However, while they’re an integral part of your everyday wear, they’re hardly the most fashionable item in your wardrobe, and […] ... Read More

ANNOUNCING: Medshop Student Scholarship Program Recipients 2019

In 2017, Medshop launched a scholarship program designed to support the students who will become medical and healthcare professionals of the future. Fast-forward to 2019, and we’re excited to announce the recipients of the third annual Medshop Student Scholarship Program. In what has proved to a bumper year for exceptional applications, we’d like to take […] ... Read More

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