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PAIC 2018; Spencer Dominates the Front Lines of Paramedic Innovation

Gold Coast, Australia — In late September, Medshop Australia attended the annual Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC) held at the Sea World Resort & Water Park in Queensland. There, we partnered with Spencer, a world renown emergency medical services solutions provider to exhibit and showcase their innovative products to the expo attendees. One fact became clear […] ... Read More

The Better AED; Zoll AED 3 vs. Heartsine Samaritan

  All averages being equal, if you suffer a cardiac arrest, you stand a one in ten chance of survival. That number goes up if you have one near someone who knows CPR, and goes up even more if there is an AED unit nearby. In fact, these numbers have been slowly ticking up every […] ... Read More

Micropore Tape v Duct Tape? And Other (Wiser) Adhesive Medical Solutions

First, if you’re actually confused about the differences between duct tape and 3M’s Micropore tape from a medical standpoint, whew. You’ve found this blog just in time. While duct tape is super-effective for securing many loose items — a veritable reconnection toolkit in roll-form — it’s neither biocompatible nor functional for most medical uses. Duct […] ... Read More

Why the Biolight Pulse Oximeter is the Most Popular Brand

With so many options for pulse oximeters, most of which are good options, why does the Biolight line of pulse oximeters sell better than all the rest? It’s a good question, one I aim to answer in this blog. That said, this will not be a brand-by-brand review nor a how-to of pulse oximetry. It […] ... Read More

Laerdal v Brayden CPR Manikins; Which is the Better Dummy?

Get someone talking about dummies in Australia and the conversation can become confusing pretty fast. Once you figure out you’re not talking about that neighbour who lives two doors down —  as in “he’s such a dummy” — then you have to separate the pacifier from the manikin. For anyone who doesn’t have a wee […] ... Read More

Hogies Safety Glasses; So Aussie, You’ll Cry Vegemite

  For medical professionals, eyes rank next to (if not above) hands on the list of most important body parts outside the brain. Protection of this trio is high up on the list for brain surgeons and technicians alike. Frankly, we should all keep them in high esteem, but for those in medicine, careers ride […] ... Read More

HURRY! Medshop Australia has 2 DISCOUNTED Blood Pressure Monitors RIGHT NOW

There’s a good reason Omron blood pressure monitors remain one of our most popular items year after year. It’s the Omron reputation for quality. It’s the sort of reputation that has the calming ability to, well, lower one’s blood pressure.  That was a figure of speech by the way, not a medical claim. In order […] ... Read More

Searching for a “Nursing Uniform Store Near Me?” It’s Closer Than You Think

  Sometimes you need an article of clothing right about now. In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, the fastest means to any goal often seems the most desirable route, and if there’s shopping tied to it then by all means… Fast, however, is not always better. (In fact, faster might reasonably cause you to wonder why am […] ... Read More

CPR vs. AED; When to Drop the Paddles

  Many of our readers would never admit in public that they’re not 100 percent sure when to drop the AED paddles, opting for traditional CPR. There are few cases where a heart has stopped beating and the AED is a bad idea, but that does not mean all CPR efforts must involve an AED. […] ... Read More

Urinary Incontinence; Solutions You Can Live With [You’re NOT Alone]

On the average, one in ten Australians suffers unitary incontinence in some form. That’s around 2.4-million Australians using the best data we have. If you’re a woman, the chances of you suffering multiply by almost four; 37 percent of Australian women suffer according to the same data. Considering 70 percent of those who suffer do […] ... Read More

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