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Smart Fobs – The Future of the Humble Nurses Watch

Nurses fob watches have been a staple of the uniform for almost as long as anyone can remember, and while the first watches to be flipped upside down and pinned to a white apron may be lost to history, it is clear that the practicality and functionality of those simple designs have remained important to […] ... Read More

The Evolution of Nursing Shoes — From Florence Nightingale to Future Materials

  Whether you’re a student or a long-serving veteran nurse, you might be forgiven for thinking that your shoes are a pretty boring part of your uniform. Sure, they’re practical, hopefully comfortable, and definitely hygienic. However, while they’re an integral part of your everyday wear, they’re hardly the most fashionable item in your wardrobe, and […] ... Read More

ANNOUNCING: Medshop Student Scholarship Program Recipients 2019

In 2017, Medshop launched a scholarship program designed to support the students who will become medical and healthcare professionals of the future. Fast-forward to 2019, and we’re excited to announce the recipients of the third annual Medshop Student Scholarship Program. In what has proved to a bumper year for exceptional applications, we’d like to take […] ... Read More

Exploring our Sanita Clogs and Shoes Range

Explore our Sanita range of clogs and footwear. ... Read More

In Celebration of Earth Day – Are Sustainable Scrubs the Future?

April 22nd marks Earth Day—the largest environmental movement in the world. It encompasses 192 countries and it’s thought that more than a billion people will take part in one way or another. However, back in 1970, when a handful of people took to the streets to protest the impacts of global industrialisation, it was very […] ... Read More

Every Nurse Wants to Get in Sanita Shoes; Here’s Why

  It’s more than only nurses clamouring for Sanita shoes. Doctors and paramedics also want them. At a glance, they’re shoes, not much more than other popular medical shoe brands. What is it that makes Sanita so special? Is it just new kid on the block popularity or is there something else? The single answer […] ... Read More

Not Your Parent’s Bum Bag; Nurse’s Pouches Were Always Cool

It’s safe to say that bags strapped to the waist have been fashionable almost as long as the wheel. They’ve been around, as far as we can tell, at least 5,000 years. Early humans and their descendants didn’t need the fashion industry to tell them that bum bags rule. Think about these conditions: You want to […] ... Read More

Medshop Takes Over World! (Starting with the Neighbourhood)

  If you follow Medshop Australia or frequent the site, you may have noticed a few recent changes. For starters, it’s no longer Medshop Australia, it’s simply: Medshop. There’s a good reason for the change. We’ve moved outside of our normal playground into new countries. If things go well you can bet there will be […] ... Read More

Pick Carefully: The Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

  There’s no denying it. We, the Medshop team, love the Omron brand for monitoring blood pressure. It’s their world-renowned reputation, sure, but also the fact that Omron monitors go out and they don’t come back. They’re so popular, we rarely discount them because there’s hardly a need or opportunity to do so. As one […] ... Read More

Guide: The Best Stethoscope for the Job

  It might be hard for your family and friends to understand that there is more to the venerable stethoscope than “playing doctor.” While the basic goal with each stethoscope is the same, listening to the heart and lungs, the means and details of that listening vary from job to job. There is one more […] ... Read More

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