Spirit CK-S601PF-21 Stethoscope Classic Navy Blue

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Deluxe Spirit Stainless Steel Classic Stethoscopes

Classic stethoscope available in a range of colours

  • Floating diapraghm
  • Outstanding performance and value for money!
  • Complete Stethoscope With all Accessories
  • Ultra Acoustic Sensitivity
  • Solid chest piece with medical grade stainless steel brushed finish.
  • Easy to Clean and maintain chest piece
  • Advanced light binaural tubing assembly
  • Ear tips: 2 spare sets- soft comfortable
  • Classic stethoscope name tag included
  • Latex Free
  • Easy to Clean and maintain chest piece
  • Tubing Length 72cm
  • 1 Year Warranty
Additional Information

There are only two factories in the world that have the ability to produce floating diaphragms. Medshop Australia would recommend this classic stethoscope for general assessment and diagnostics

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