The Most Bizarre Medical Stories of November

Bizarre Medical Stories- Nov 2016.png   If you’re the sort of person who consumes human blood and hair, has an affinity for drones, and one days hopes to be cryogenically frozen, then you will find nothing out of the ordinary about this month’s bizarre stories. Consider that the ideas of flight or space travel were once considered out of this world, so perhaps these stories are as much about context as anything? We’re gonna start with some light fare, but some of these stories are not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned. If you read beyond these sentences, you can’t unread any of these tales. Just remember, this is all true.    

Angel Drone Project Will Deliver Meds to Australians Via Drone

[caption id="attachment_4293" align="alignnone"]f932c88d-41d6-4659-b5ad-9abe24b5a46f-2060x1236-2 (Source:[/caption]   To be fair, this is less otherworldly, as it is the edge of the future. The only reason this makes the news is because we haven’t yet witnessed the years to come. Making deliveries in this way will soon be quite common, especially as we get closer to endless power sources. The point of the Angel Drone Project is to deliver much-needed medicine to remote areas of Australia. A consortium just received the green light to test this program in NSW. If it is successful, Australians in remote communities may receive not only medication, but organ transplants and supplies via drone. That’s right, flying organs.    

Unreal Case of Rapunzel Syndrome

[caption id="attachment_4296" align="alignnone"]rapunzel-hair-stomach-2 (Source:[/caption]   There is a syndrome where the sufferers of said syndrome eat their hair. The extent to which they consume their hair can have negative effects on their respective digestive systems. The hair, undigested, can collect into a ball, blocking pathways in the digestive tract. In one recent extreme case, a woman had to undergo surgery to remove the offending ball of hair. After days of nausea and vomiting, the 38-year-old woman went under the knife. The removed ball of hair was 15 by 10 centimetres in size. Then doctors found a second, smaller hairball further down. Because it was the right thing to do, they removed both.    

Woman Passes Gas During Laser Surgery; Starts Fire

[caption id="attachment_4299" align="alignnone"]surgery (Source:[/caption]   While at first this sounds like a story of clickbait, it you may find it hard to believe, but it’s 100% true. In Tokyo, a woman in her 30’s, who was in surgery, passed gas. While that is not unheard of, what happened next has other doctor’s questioning the story. The laser beam doctor’s were applying to her pelvis caught fire, burning much of her body. Investigators found no flammable materials in the surgery room, no other explanations for the burns. Talk about a high pressure surgery or would that technically be LOW pressure?    

14 Year Old British Girl Earns Right To Be Cryogenically Frozen

[caption id="attachment_4306" align="alignnone"]_92484862_m8850025-cryongenic_preservation-spl-1-1 (Source:[/caption]   Trapped between divorced parents and the inevitable death looming over her life, a fourteen-year-old cancer patient wrote to a judge, requesting the right to be cryogenically frozen. Her parents did not agree on the request. Mother supported her, but Dad was against it. Since she was a minor, she asked for help by going over their heads. The girl passed away last month, but the judge granted her the right to let cryogenicists freeze her body. They froze her body in the UK, then flew her to the US for storage. When they thaw her in 100 years to cure her, she can finally tell her parents she was right.    

Brisbane Makeup Artist Is Real Vampire

[caption id="attachment_4309" align="alignnone"]3a90321100000578-3953340-image-a-9_1479596995385 (Source:[/caption]   The first time Georgina Condon consumed blood was age 12. Additionally, she avoids the sun; has for 20 years. Now 39 years old, Condon drinks her boyfriend’s blood, with his blessings. The experience, she claims, is sensual, but also necessary. Condon suffers from anemia and something called thalassemia disorder. The blood restores the low levels of iron in her blood, so perhaps it’s not so strange unless you consider her fangs. Yes, she wears a set of prosthetic fangs she hopes to one day replace with something more permanent. Condon claims the high she feels from the experience is on par with the pleasure from intimacy. Yep.   [caption id="attachment_4313" align="alignnone"]and-the-winner-is-1170x480 (Source:[/caption]   Sure, drinking blood is a little out there, but there’s plenty blood in a good slice of beef. The winning story from this batch has to be the laser surgery in Japan. It receives points for being bizarre and for being disgusting. The business of medicine is tough enough, but we can only imagine what things must have been like in that operating room. Bless the poor woman who suffered, but the hospital staff too. What do you think; one-off or reason to change standard operating practises? At least put a little air freshener in the OR. See you next month with more stories from the bizarre.     Like our pictures? Come join us on Pinterest   Come Join us on Pinterest!      
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