5 Ways to Score an Unsullied Stethoscope for Less Than Full Price

5 Ways to Score an Unsullied Stethoscope for Less Than Full Price V2.2

  When we asked our Facebook fans to name their biggest challenge regarding medical equipment, respondents made it clear. It’s the associated costs.

That is what plagues you most of all, the expense of medical supplies. It makes sense. Who in the world is bleeding cash? We all want to save money.

For medical professionals, from the moment you start an undergraduate program, it’s an endless need for tool, tools, tools.

We do out best to help out student with our student kits, but the ongoing cost of being in the medical profession is an uphill battle.

But this isn’t news. What you want to know is what we can do about it. As it turns out, we can do more than discount student packages.

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Did you know we offer stethoscopes at prices even the most frugal student can afford? It’s true. There are a couple of options right on our website, but you may have overlooked an easy, low-cost solution not far from home.

We’ll come back to that in a second, but first, why entry-level stethoscopes deserve your consideration…


5. Entry level stethoscopes may surprise you


What may surprise you is how many professionals who don’t need to save money are perfectly content using an entry-level stethoscope.

Considering that the first stethoscopes were nothing more than a rolled-up stack of paper, entry-level stethoscopes seem like space-age equipment by comparison.

Starting from the most expensive, at just over $30 as of this writing, down to the most inexpensive at $12.50, this list of entry-level stethoscopes offer you a brand new stethoscope for a steal.

Feel free to skip to #4 if there's no way budget stethoscopes would interest you,.

Prestige Clinical Lite Stethoscope  —  Available in seven colours no less, the Clinical Lite is the upper-end of entry-level. Prestige crafted this simple, elegant tool from anodized aluminium, making it a lightweight option too. In fact, weighing in at only 4 ounces, you may never wish to upgrade to a costlier option. At $32.16, as of this writing, it’s less costly than a nice dinner out.

Prestige Sprague Stethoscopes  — No less reliable than the previous option, the Sprague saves you a few bucks in a more traditional design. It also offers more colour options. Once upon a time, stethoscopes' tubing split all the way to the drum. Think of the Sprague as a throwback to tradition.

Rappaport Stethoscope Mark 1  — The Mark 1 from Rappaport may not win any awards for the sexiest stethoscope, but it gets the job done for under $20. It also does that job in seven different dual-tubing, colour options. Looks aside, the Rappaport stethoscopes suffer no expense in craftsmanship. They are fine tools, which can last as long if not longer than their more costly peers with maintenance.

Rappaport Stethoscope Mark 2  — Slightly different from the Mark 1, but priced the same, the Mark 2 offers three interchangeable bells for infants and adults. It also comes with spare ear tips and diaphragms, which is a nice plus for such great deal.

Budget Stethoscope  — Deals don’t get any more frugal than the one labelled “budget.” As promised by the name, this option comes in at $12.50 as of this writing. You may not expect many options, but the Budget stethoscope comes in seven colours.

Entry level is exactly what I need. Take me there now.

4. Overlooking student kits might be a mistake


You may not even be a student, but the kits we assemble for our student clients offer DEEP discounts on multiple items. Many of those kits include a stethoscope.

With more than one kit available, a kit could get you into a good stethoscope and close the gap on your other needs with one stone.

The Prestige Clinical Lite Nursing Kit comes with a Prestige Clinical Lite Stethoscope, an Aneroid sphygmomanometer, and a name tag for less than most of the stethoscopes in our catalogue.

If you need more, the ACU Student Pack comes loaded to the zipper with goodies, almost a $100 in savings when it’s all said and done.

Not only does it include a Classic Spirit Stethoscope, which comes with free engraving, it comes with a sphygmomanometer, a penlight, safety glasses, an ID retractor, fob watch, and a handful of other tools.

A kit would work perfectly for me. Show me the options.

But, if a whole kit of savings feels like an overshot, this next option might be more to your fancy. How does FREE or almost free sound?

The difference will depend on the giving nature or stinginess of your family.


3. Your retired family members may have a solution


A vintage stethoscope could be the most interesting accessory you never considered. The parts of a stethoscope, outside of the tubing, can last for longer than a lifetime if maintained correctly.

You may also need or want to upgrade the diaphragm if you have one that’s really old, but the metal binaurals and drum should last.

If you can work through your family network to find that family member that’s either retired or has more stethoscopes than she needs, you may have an opportunity.

In this case, the inherited device won’t be exactly unsullied, but with a small investment of new parts and some rubbing alcohol, you can bring that vintage model up to speed for much less than a new one.

Some parts we carry, like replacement diaphragms and tips. Tubing tends to come in standard sizes, but you’ll need to cut it for length.

If you get stuck, you may need to hit the manufacturer's contact page for replacements, but there is likely a solution for frayed tubing.


2. You may not have heard of "seconds"


This is the often overlooked option, brilliant for those who appreciate a steal.

When you read “seconds,” understand that these are not the sort of seconds you get when dinner was so good you had to fill your plate again. Admittedly, those are some awesome seconds. As a rule, never pass on seconds, food or otherwise.

When clients of ours purchase stethoscopes, they have the option to engrave those tools. Sometimes someone makes mistakes with those engravings. 

The stethoscope itself is fine, unused and pristine, but the engraving remains a permanent scar on the tool. We burr the mistakes so you don’t have to wear John Doe’s stethoscope, but they’re otherwise spotless.

Translation: You can get your hands on a top of the line tool at a DEEP discount if you don’t mind a little marring.

These are the models of Littmann stethoscopes you can purchase as seconds. I’ll spare you the descriptions.

If you’re in the market for a Littmann, chances are good you’re familiar with the product. If not, you can navigate to the product pages from the links below.

Click on any of those models above to see more details.  

1. Re-read #2. There were five awesome options there.

Hopefully, you have enough options to find a stethoscope that suits you for less than a fortune. When you finally climb the ladder to that dream job, you can upgrade to something fancier if you think it will help.

Before you go... Share a picture of your favourite Stethoscope on our Facebook page, even if it looks like it’s been working double-double shifts for a decade.

Bonus points for the repurposed vintage model.
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