Welch Allyn 3.5v Li-Ion M/V Diagnostic Set 97206-MVS + Cardiology Stethoscope

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Welch Allyn 3.5v Li-Ion M/V Diagnostic Set - 97206-MVS SEE KIT 00619 WAL00286 1
Spirit Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope Navy CK-SS747PF-21 SPT00094 1
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Welch Allyn 3.5v Li-Ion M/V Diag 97206-MVS + Cardiology Stethoscope


  • MacroView Otoscope for a full view of the tympanic membrane with 30% greater magnification (#23820)
  • Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (#11720)
  • 4 Reusable Specula (#24400)
  • 3.5v Lithium-Ion power system for longer use and better performance - Handle, Charger and Charging Stand (#71906)
  • Hard zipper-case
  • Cardiology Stethoscope

Additional Information:

3.5 V Diagnostic MacroView Otoscope

  • Halogen HPX lamp provides 30% more light output for true tissue colour and long-lasting performance
  • A nearly complete view of the tympanic membrane with approximately twice the field of view and 30% greater magnification than a traditional otoscope
  • Better clarity and definition of landmarks
  • The ability to adjust focus for variable ear canal length or farsighted eyes
  • Tip grip for secure fastening and ejection systemof ear specula
  • Fibre optics produce cool light with no reflections, no obstruction

3.5 V Coaxial Opthalmoscope

  • Halogen HPX® lamp illumination for true tissue colour
  • 18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility
  • Polarizing filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection
  • Detect corneal abrasions with the cobalt blue filter
  • Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources
  • Look for the traditional "flat-top" design you've come to trust

3.5 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle 

  • Half the weight of traditional 3.5 V handles
  • Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5 V Instrument Heads
  • 120 minutes of on-time (compared to 60 minutes for standard NiCad handles)
  • Made of sturdy CYCOLOY engineering resin
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Lithium ion battery technology that has no memory effect
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