Smith & Nephew Melolin Low Adherent High Absorbent Dressing Sterile 20x10cm Box1

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Smith & Nephew Melolin Wound Dressing 10 x 20cm 66974939 Box of 100

Low Adherent Dressing (Highly Absorbent)

Melolin consists of a highly absorbent cotton and acrylic fibre pad which is heat bonded on one side to a very thin perforated polyester film. The film side of the dressing is placed next to the wound.

Features Melolin consists of three layers:

  1. Low adherent perforated film
  2. Highly absorbent cotton/acrylic pad
  3. Hydrophobic backing layer


  • Low adherent perforated film
    • Allows for rapid drainage of exudate, reducing trauma to healing tissue
  • Highly absorbent cotton/acrylic pad
  • Patient Comfort
    • Cushions and Protects
    • Comfortable and minimises pain on removal
  • Easy to cut to shape
    • Retains its integrity when cut
  • Non-sensitising
    • Inert and non-sensitising
  • Delays time to strike through
    • Significant improvement in terms of strike through, therefore requiring fewer dressing changes

Contraindications / Precautions

  • Change dressing daily or more often according to the condition of the wound
  • Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns, or if redness or discomfort occurs

Product Details

Code Description Items Per Unit
66974940 5cm x 5cm Box/100
66974933 10cm x 10cm Box/10
66974941 10cm x 10cm Box/100
66974939 10cm x 20cm Box/100
36360030 50cm x 60cm Box/40
36360031 50cm x 120cm Box/20
36360032 50cm x 180cm Box/14
66974930 50cm x 7m Box/1
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