Portex GRIGGS Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy Kits

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Portex GRIGGS Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy Kits

The Portex GRIGGS Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy Kits feature guidewire dilating forceps, central to the Griggs PDT technique, for smoothly opening the tracheal aperture.

Tracheostomy Tubes

  • Integral suction lumen to aid removal of secretions from above the cuff
  • Clear, soft flange and Profile Soft-Seal® cuff


  • Guidewire dilating forceps produce the desired opening in one fluid motion, compared with single stage dilators which typically require repeated forward and backward movement.
  • Spreading the jaws of the guidewire dilating forceps applies force laterally across the anterior tracheal wall, intended to cause reduced trauma to tracheal structures.


  • Perform the procedure at the point of care (ICU/CCU), when you and your patient are ready - no waiting.
  • Patients receive tubes and the related therapeutic benefits sooner than with surgical placement.


  • No need to tie up valuable surgical suite time, staff and resources.
  • Two operators (minimum)- one for the procedure and an assistant to maintain the patient's airway and control the bronchoscope.
  • Patient preparation, procedure and recovery all in one location.