Good-Lite ESV3000 Kit with 2000 Charts for 13 feet (4 meters)

by: Good Lite
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ESV3000 ETDRS Viewer Kit with 2000 Series 13ft/4m Charts ETDRS Charts

The ESV3000 ETDRS Illuminated Cabinet contains patented internal calibration technology which automatically controls the standardized LEDs (light emitting diodes) output. This device is specifically designed for the rigorous lighting standards needed for clinical trials and vision research. When this lighting technology is combined with a universal standard power supply the result is consistent standardized lighting that makes the ESV3000 the most accurate easy to use tester evaluating ETDRS and LogMAR acuity during research. Simply turn on the device and with a push of a button the ESV3000 automatically calibrates to a photopic light level of 85 cd/m2 or a mesopic level of 3 cd/m2. These light levels are recommended by the National Academy of Sciences' Committee for Vision Testing Standards and are required by the FDA for ETDRS evaluation in clinical trials. Unlike previous illuminator cabinets which use “out-of-date” fluorescent bulbs there is no warm up period and no requirement to replace the light source. The old fluorescent light bulbs have to be replaced every 2000 hours or once year and new bulbs have to be “burned in” before use. For the ESV3000 the LEDs last up to 20 years of normal use never need replacement and require no burn-in period. Just plug in the ESV and it is ready to test.