Good-Lite AlgerBrush II 1mm Complete Instrument 222001

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Good-Lite Alger Brush Instrument

Product Number - 222001

The Alger Brush is used by ophthalmologists, ER physicians and optometrists who are trained and licensed to remove foreign bodies and rust rings from the eye of a patient. The rotary instrument uses a very low torque motor powered by a single AA battery to "brush" rather than drill the rust ring leaving a smooth surface on the cornea or sclera. This promotes healing much faster than with other instruments used for this purpose.

Carbide burrs (for corneal rust ring removal) are available in 1mm or .5mm diameter (the .5mm is by far the most common). The diamond burrs for assistance in pterygectomies come in the following grits and configurations: 2.5mm round fine grit, 3.5mm round medium grit, 4.0mm wheel fine grit and 5.0mm wheel medium grit.