BSN Fixomull Hypoallergenic Non Woven Tape

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BSN Fixomull Stretch

Hypoallergenic, Porous, Adhesive, Non-Woven Tape

Fixomull Stretch is a wide area adhesive tape, especially suitable for use on frequently mobile and highly contoured parts of the body. It is made from a white, stretchable, non-woven polyester dressing sheet coated with skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive on quick-release backing paper. The adhesive ensures the dressing is firmly secured on all sides and cannot slip or become detached.

Fixomull Stretch is permeable to moisture and air, reducing the risk of maceration. It is also radiotransparent, so it does not need to be removed for either radiotherapy or X-ray examinations. Fixomull Stretch can be cut to the required size, which means it can be tailored to protect the entire wound dressing against contamination. It also eliminates unnecessary wastage.

Features & Benefits:

  • Individual and Economical
    • Can be cut to the required size for many uses
    • Saves material, no unnecessary wastage
  • Skin-friendly and safe
    • The hypo-allergenic polyacrylate adhesive adheres reliably
    • The soft backing material of non-woven polyester conforms to body contours
    • Air and moisture-permeable

Product Details

Code Description Items Per Unit
2033 15cm x 2m Box/1 roll
2036 5cm x 10m Box/1 roll
2037 10cm x 10m Box/1 roll
2038 15cm x 10m Box/1 roll
2039 20cm x 10m Box/1 roll
2040 30cm x 10m Box/1 roll
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