Chuckies Retail Travel & Sickness Vomit Bag (1pk of 4)

by: Chuckies

Pack of 4

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Chuckies Travel Vomit Bags

Convenience and security - at home and on the move

Say good-bye to messy buckets and ice-cream containers. Chuckie's Travel Bags offer a simple, convenient way to manage sickness in the home or in transit.

Chuckie's Travel Bags are ideal for all passengers and are a compact addition to any car glove-box or carry-on luggage. Discreet and easy to dispose of, Chuckie's Travel Bags are ideal for motion sickness. With a lockable seal, Chuckie's provides a hygienic solution to nausea, migraines and morning sickness.

Chuckie's Travel Bags and can also be used to capture urine, making them ideal for patients and travelers of all ages, who experience those stressful I can't hold on moments.

Chuckie's Travel Bags offer all the superior qualities of the hospital-grade Embag in a convenient easy to manage 4-pack.