BD Insyte IV Cannula

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BD Insyte™ IV Cannula

With BD Vialon Biomaterial comes in 3 forms, the standard Insyte™ IV Cannula, the standard Insyte™ Winged IV Cannula and the Insyte™ Autoguard™ IV Cannula.

They BD Insyte™ are a popular industry standard cannula constructed from BD Vialon™ biomaterial. This cannula is available in either a standard, safety or winged design. The Insyte™ Autoguard™ Cannula is the safety-engineered version of the popular BD Insyte IV catheter. With safety shield technology they have been effective in reducing 95% of needle stick injuries. They do not contain elasticized PVC or natural rubber latex and can be used for Taxol administration.


  • The BD Instaflash needle technology provides immediate confirmation of vessel entry which provides added confidence when accessing the veins of neonates.
  • The overall insertion force of the needle is low, causing less pain during insertion.
  • The modified B-bevel cutting edge makes a smaller incision, which may result in less site bleeding and faster healing
  • With a shorter catheter, there's less chance of blowing the vein.

Quantity Per Unit - 1 Piece

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