Trigger Points FlipBook - Understanding Myofascial Pain and Discomfort



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Understanding Myofascial Pain and Discomfort

Trigger Points FlipBook Anatomical Chart Company MASSAGE THERAPY Book

This easy-to-use flip chart book has a built-in easel, heavy-duty laminated and markable pages, and is a perfect visual aid for explaining the role of trigger points in causing pain and discomfort. The book includes 33 detailed anatomical illustrations of trigger points and affected pain sensitive areas, as well as 22 diagrams of pain relief exercises.

Improvements in this Second Edition includes:

  • Enhanced introduction that gives an overview of the musculoskeletal system, the development of trigger points, and the treatment and prevention of myofascial pain
  • Updated images
  • Improved page organization, including repeating the trigger point and pain zone legend on each page for easier use
  1. Chapters: 1.Torso and Shoulder :Anterior
  2. Torso and Shoulder : Posterior Superficial
  3. Torso and Shoulder : Posterior Deep
  4. Anterior-Posterior Pain Referral Guide
  5. Head and Neck
  6. Upper Extremity
  7. Lower Extremity
  8. Made in USA