Transparent Brain Model

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Transparent Brain Model

Anatomical Chart Company NEUROLOGY Model

This unusual and informative model of the brain with transparent cortex enables you to see the internal brain structures (subcortical structures and nuclei)in relation to the cortical surface. The life-size model separates into a total of 15 parts:transparent left cortex with sinus sagittalis connected with part of the base of the skullcervical vertebral column with spinal cord and vertebral arteryright transparent cortexright half of spheniod boneremovable brain stem (separates into right and left halves)right and left insular cortexleft striate bodyright capsular internacorpus callosuemfornixlimbic system and ventricle system (as a whole)right and left halves of the cerebellumMounted on standSize: 12"' x 7" x 8"Made of Somso-Plastmade in Germany by Somso Modelle

Dimensions - 12 x 7