Littmann Stethoscopes Classic, Cardiology & Digital

Medshop Australia are proud to be a leading supplier of Littmann Stethoscopes. Globably recognised, Littmann stethoscopes provider superior performance and design. We stock a wide range of Littmann stethoscopes and accessories to suit all requirements and budgets. Medshop Australia also offers a free engraving service on all Littmann stethoscopes (excluding Littmann Select) as well as free Medelume penights (excluding Littmann Select & 3200 digital range.)

Littmann Stethoscopes are the world's most recognised and popular stethoscopes. Manufactured by 3M, Littmann stethoscopes represent the pinnacle of achievement in auscultation technology. 3M continue to improve and innovate with the Littmann range through a process of ongoing material and design enhancements.

Littmann Classic II SE StethoscopeLittmann Cardiology III StethoscopeLittmann Classic III StethoscopeLittmann Classic Infant StethoscopeLittmann Classic Paediatric StethoscopeLittmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

Littmann Master Classic StethoscopeLittmann Cardiology STC StethoscopeLittmann Digital Stethoscope 3200Littmann Select Stethoscope‚ÄčLittmann Parts and Accessories


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