We’re Announcing The Winner Of The Littmann Classic III Give Away

15391095_1238067906238915_6483791959658477137_n.pngWe asked and you delivered. No, not a baby, you told us your stories. We said that we’d gift you an engraved Littmann Classic III worth $119 if you would tell us your funniest, most emotional or best stethoscope story.

We set a deadline for Christmas eve, December 24. There 51 responses, so you made our job very difficult.

Our winner spent over seven years working in emergency and the ICU. Three days ago, when she pulled it out to use it, she realised she’d lost the diaphragm somewhere. That may have been the final straw, but it’s not the worst thing that happened to her stethoscope.

The story in her words…

“A few years back, a dog was triaged and brought straight out the back seizuring, it stopped seizuring and went still, I pulled the stethoscope of my neck and went to place it in my ears to then find out that the dog had just had diarrhoea and as I pulled my stethoscope off the ear piece had dragged through said diarrhoea.”

So she doesn’t have feel lost at work any more, we selected Sharon Zammit as our winner. Congratulations, Sharon.

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Thank you, everyone who submitted.

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