Vitals: 7 Holiday Gift Ideas The Fitness Person On Your List Will Actually Appreciate

Vitals- 7 Holiday Gift Ideas The Fitness Person On Your List Will Actually Appreciate.png Let’s get this out of the way up front: You’re reading this blog on the Medshop Australia site. You may think it biased. Not so. For the record, I’m a contracted writer for Medshop, with over 20 years in the fitness industry, from personal training and nutrition advice, to gym management and creative intellectual property [read: blogging]. After digging through the Medshop Australia catalogue, I pulled out the items that I would love as gifts. We’re gonna take a quick look at what are those items, then I’m gonna tell you why I’d go bananas to receive them. I give you full permission to plagiarise my words as your own when your fitness pal opens the gift. Act like you knew exactly what to get and why. They’ll be impressed and thrilled all at the same time.    

Body Blade

2012_06_19_11_44_21__15_nc69600_4_w_vnd_12 The Body Blade trains the muscles in a way most of us are not accustomed to training. In traditional lifting, we move weight some distance with constant or varied resistance. The goal is usually to see how much one can lift, even if that, not the actual long-term goal. It’s hard to lift weights without adding more. The Body Blade isn’t about that at all. It’s tight, repetitive movements, almost like cardiovascular work, but not that either. It's something altogether different. It’s a blood pump for the muscles used, so the aftereffect is close to what many lifters crave, sexy muscles popping out,. What those in the know will appreciate is that it’s a change in stimulus. This system also travels well, so it's a double bonus for the fit traveller.    

Pro Balance Trainer

aok00031 There are many aspects to fitness. Total strength is as much about being able to move weight around as it is balancing that weight. Training in diverse environments can push one’s stabiliser muscles. Over time, that person will get stronger from those incremental balance increases. The balance trainer is also perfect for rehabilitating ankle strength for individuals who’ve sprained an ankle in the past. I like this balance trainer because it works with either side up, the flat or the soft one. That means users can easily scale the difficulty by flipping it over.    

Physio Roller

Physio_roller_mix.jpg One of the most overlooked aspects of fitness programs is treatment. As we age our muscles and fascia develop tight spots, called adhesions. You may call them “knots.” Those hard spots can feel like someone buried a stone below your skin. Regular use of a physio roller, placing pressure on those adhesions can facilitate better blood flow, less pain, but most importantly better movement. Adhesions cause us to compromise normal movement patterns, but a little pressure on those spots before a workout works wonders. This is a must-have tool for anyone who exercises.    

Massage Ball

AOK-massage.jpg Similar to the physio roller, massage balls are perfect for digging deep into tight spots. Shoulders and hips can be tough spots to put pressure on using the roller, but a massage ball gets into the little corners where all the adhesions hide. Proper use of a massage ball or similar device can mean the difference between fixing or further developing one’s pain. I like these as a tool for the spikes. The texture helps keep the ball in place when muscles get squirrelly, which is often. They are also not too hard. A hard ball can bruise the dermis. Bruises aren’t a very festive look for the holidays.    

Digital Glass Bathroom Scales - Body Fat/Water/Muscle

vcr00002 Daily weigh-ins come under scrutiny by some fitness professionals. The argument is that they are not helpful, but I disagree. In my opinion, daily weigh-ins are like checking your bank balance. You don’t get the details of every transaction, but you get a snapshot. With the scale, over time, those snapshots of your body’s account build your perspective of how your health is progressing. What’s better than just total weight, is to capture body fat as well. Body fat percentages tell you more about your health than total weight. The Cumper Robbins digital bathroom scales gives you body fat data via something called bioelectric impedance. That’s the use of low-level electric impulses bounced off your body can give you this critical information.    

Nutritional Scale

Multipoint_Scale_w_Strawberries.jpg If the gym is where you change the function of your body, the kitchen is where you change the way it looks. In order to make changes in the kitchen, a scale is critical. Your fitness-minded friend will appreciate the clean glass surface of this scale from Medshop, but also the slim design. The last thing anyone needs is something bulky to take up counter space. The glass surface means spills clean up easy. This is a simple but reliable scale with a nice bonus. The software contains a library of over 500 menus items, so it can also tell users how many calories their food item contains. It also has a memory feature to add up calories or remember common items. tired_shopping-jpg-824x0_q71_crop-scale (Source: Okay, you have your shopping list, but you are running out of time. I suggest getting your order in today so you will have time to receive, wrap, and give your gift. Don’t forget, if you have to mail it, then you need even more time. Also, nobody has to know if you just shop for yourself. That will save you some time and energy, even if it’s not the most giving spirit. I’m sure you deserve a gift too. Damon Mitchell is a recovering fitness industry fancy-pants, with twenty plus years of experience. He’s been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. These days he works as a content creator.      Like our images? Check out our Pinterest page. Come Join us on Pinterest!
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