The New CoaguChek INRange System Is An Anti-Coagulant Medication Breakthrough

Manufactured by Swiss multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostics manufacturer Roche, the CoaguChek product range represents the pinnacle of portable PT (prothrombin time) and VKA (vitamin K antagonist) testing technology.

The CoaguChek name is synonymous with quality and reliability, ensuring patients the best of care and assisting healthcare providers in monitoring and tracking their patients' results.

Hundreds and thousands of Australians who are prescribed anticoagulant medication for a variety of reasons, rely on regular PT and VKA testing to manage their treatment effectively.


Changing Times

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Before the invention of at-home monitoring devices, patients were required to make regular visits to their GP for testing. Thanks to CoaguChek, patients have been able to monitor themselves at home.

The new CoaguChek INRange system makes things even easier for patients and healthcare providers alike.

A recent cohort study of anticoagulation self-monitoring and a systematic review with a meta analysis of individual patient data have proven that patients who self-test are more engaged in their own care.


The Case For Self-testing


The data also showed that patients who are responsible for self-testing actually test more often and spend more time within the safe measurement range, compared to patients who do not self-test.

There is also evidence to suggest that patients who self-test have fewer thromboembolic events and fewer extreme high or low INR (International normalised ratio) values. Other benefits include improved patient quality of life and better treatment satisfaction.

Self-testing also gives the patient an increased sense of personal agency and involvement in their treatment plan, many patients respond well to this responsibility. It also frees people up to do things such as travel, rather than making regular visits to their GP.



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With built-in wireless Bluetooth and USB technology, patients can transmit their PT/INR test results directly from their meter to their healthcare professional. This enables healthcare providers to keep their patients on track, anytime and anywhere.

Patients can also enter up to six comments per each result, to help them remember and document any past actions that may have affected the resulting outcome.

The memory capacity for recording readings is up to 400 results. This is a huge capacity upgrade compared to previous models such as the CoaguChek XS meter.



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The smart design has been optimised for intuitive and streamlined ease of use. Featuring an advanced colour display with important information including colour coded results, making it clear to read and understand.

Patients and healthcare providers alike can utilise the reminders feature, to set reminders that will notify the patient when it is time to test, time to take medication and when they have a doctor's appointment.

The on-screen help provides clear text guidance throughout the test procedure, so patients can be sure they are performing the test correctly.

With the results trend reporting feature, the CoaguChek INRange meter will inform patients whether their most recent result is higher or lower than their previous result. This helps patients form a better understanding of the patterns or trends relating to their readings.

The target range aware features enable patients or healthcare providers to set up target range values for their PT/INR results. It will then clearly inform patients when their results are outside of their specifically defined target range.

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What is included with the CoaguChek INRange system?

  • CoaguChek INRange meter
  • Coaguchek XS Softclix lancing device (single patient use only)
  • CoaguChek Softclix lancets (bag of 10)
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • USB cable
  • 4 x AAA batteries

If you or your patients are looking for the best, most advanced technology for self-testing as part of an anti-coagulant treatment plan, look no further than the CoaguChek INRange system.

For assurance and peace of mind, the CoaguChek INRange provides the most INR technology with superior usability and connectivity, at a very competitive price.

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