The Brayden Illuminated CPR Manikin is a Game-changer

Winner of the 2016 International Forum (iF) Design awards, Medicine and Health category, an award that recognises quality design and effective function. The Brayden Illuminated CPR Manikin is a game-changer in the world of CPR training and first aid.
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CPR manikins are nothing new, they have long been used for training purposes in first aid courses. The designers at Brayden recognised the importance of CPR manikins but realised that they could be improved to further enhance the learning process and memory retention of trainees.
The benefits of animated and interactive tools as part of an effective learning process are widely accepted. With this in mind, the Brayden team wanted to design a manikin that would enable users to be able to visualise the effects of CPR and gain real-time feedback to show them whether their compressions were effective.
Enter the Brayden Illuminated CPR Manikin, with its unique set of three interlaced LED lights designed to show users whether their compressions are adequate and whether blood is reaching the brain.
The first set of lights are the chest compression illuminating lights, these illuminate to show the volume of blood being circulated by the chest compressions.
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The volume of blood depends on the depth of the compressions. The chest lights will only illuminate to their full extent when the depth of compressions is over 5cm.
The second set of lights are the blood circulation indicator lights. These illuminate to demonstrate the flow of blood from the heart to the brain.
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The speed of blood flow needs to be fast enough to efficiently pump blood from the heart to the brain. This varies in CPR due to the depth and speed of compressions performed. This set of lights will only illuminate to their full extent when the rate of compressions is over 100 per minute.
The third and final set of indicator lights are the CPR quality indicating lights. These represent that blood is reaching the brain adequately and will only become fully illuminated once the depth of compressions and rate of compressions are correct.
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In addition to these groundbreaking new features, the Brayden Illuminated CPR manikin has all the same quality features and replaceable parts as the standard Brayden CPR Manikin.
  • An anatomically accurate torso design with latex-free skin that is perfect for AED training and pad placement.
  • Pliable oral and nasal passages that allow for a realistic nose pinch to be performed.
  • Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilations.
  • Head lift and chin tilt to practice airway opening, plus audible feedback through a clicker mechanism that only clicks when correct compression has been reached.
Medshop Australia is a proud stockist of the Brayden product range including both manikins and the full range of Brayden accessories. So if you are in the market for a CPR training manikin and you want the very best at a reasonable price, we invite you to come and view the range.  
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