PAIC 2018; Spencer Dominates the Front Lines of Paramedic Innovation


Gold Coast, Australia — In late September, Medshop Australia attended the annual Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC) held at the Sea World Resort & Water Park in Queensland.

There, we partnered with Spencer, a world renown emergency medical services solutions provider to exhibit and showcase their innovative products to the expo attendees. One fact became clear over the course of the conference. Spencer is at the forefront of EMS technology, and we're fortunate partners in the matter.  

Spencer EMS


From their global headquarters and manufacturing based in Italy, Spencer have been driving solutions for the emergency services field since 1989.

The dynamic nature of emergency medical services drives the research and development team with a passion to create innovative products to respond to the vast and nuanced requirements that EMS demands.

Now there is a range of over 1700 Spencer products used by EMS services globally.

As designers and manufacturers of their products, Spencer have numerous quality certificates and operate under strict safety standards and protocol. All of this is in place to guarantee a global standard of safety, quality, and efficacy across their entire product range.


Spencer & Medshop Australia at PAIC


Attending the expo with Medshop Australia as their Australian supplier enabled Spencer to continue their longstanding history of communicating directly with clients and end users to acquire feedback from the ground level.

This attention to detail and hands-on approach to innovation makes Spencer stand out as an EMS solutions provider.

Over the course of three days, the expo included lectures, discussions, a rescue competition and a variety of exhibitors and displays.

Among the highlights for us were the people we met and interacted with, paramedics, rescue services workers, doctors and emergency professionals travelled from all across the country, and internationally from across Australasia to attend the expo.

This provided the opportunity for us to engage with people who despite differences in location, all shared the same needs and requirements for quality solutions to their emergency services needs.

The expo also provided the opportunity for attendees to provide essential feedback on the range of Spencer products we were showcasing, a dialogue that Spencer strongly encourages.


Medshop's Key Learnings from PAIC


We gained valuable insight into the many ways that the products we supply actually help people and save lives, highlighting the importance of supply and demand within the industry.

Many stories and conversations were shared that inspired and encouraged us to continue striving towards the improvement of the products and services that we have available to our EMS clients.

Hearing stories from ground zero and being made even more aware of the critical nature of EMS situations was eye-opening and drove home that while we are in the business of supplying EMS equipment, the true reason and motivation behind all of this is about saving lives.

The PAIC conference represents valuing human lives and embracing the people, services, and solutions that make saving lives in emergency situations possible. These are values that we at Medshop Australia and Spencer share.

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