Medshop Takes Over World! (Starting with the Neighbourhood)


Medshop Takes Over World

If you follow Medshop Australia or frequent the site, you may have noticed a few recent changes.

For starters, it’s no longer Medshop Australia, it's simply: Medshop.

There’s a good reason for the change. We’ve moved outside of our normal playground into new countries. If things go well you can bet there will be more changes to come.

We’ll come back to that in just a moment. All in good time, but first this:

Recently, Victoria’s Herald Sun caught up with our founder, Steven Cumper to dig into the details. As you can imagine, we were all pretty excited about the coverage.

In fact, since it only appeared in the print version of the journal that got us thinking: we should blog about it.

After all, not everyone has access to the Herald Sun the way we do in Victoria, aaand since we’re now an international brand, we want to include our international audience.

This is our account of where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we might be in time. It is impossible to tell our story without Steven Cumper…


Steven Cumper and Medshop’s past


When Steven opened doors on Medshop, way back in 2005, we were strictly an online retailer. At the time, Steven had noticed a serious dearth of high-quality and affordable medical supplies easily available to medical students.

As a recent graduate from RMIT with a masters in osteopathy, Steven was driven to focus on providing both students and industry professionals with better access to essential medical equipment and supplies.

“Over the years,” the Herald Sun quoted Steven as saying, “the business has grown to cover a broader segment in the medical industry and now we have a well-established customer base ordering a mix of products.”

What started as supplying a few basics online, branded Multipoint Technologies at the time, eventually grew into the Medshop you know and love today.

But, we’ve never lost our focus on students.  

Medshop is still about students


While Medshop supplies many companies and businesses with tools and supplies, we’ve always wanted to be there for our future professionals, the students.

By students, we’re talking about the students still enrolled in school, those who intend to enrol soon, and those who have just graduated. It’s a tough gig getting through medical and health-related courses and can be an even tougher one getting into the workforce.

The way we see it, the least we can do is to make it easier for young professionals to have the tools they need to feel confident. As such, we offer a wide range of student kits, most tailored to the needs of the major schools in Australia.

As we move into new markets, don’t be surprised to see Medshop continue to focus on the needs of students, but it’s more than just good prices on supplies.

Medshop has been offering the Medshop Student Scholarship Program for the last three years, a program that continues to grow every year.

“The program is an initiative designed to support the students who will become the medical and healthcare professionals of the future,” Steven has said. “[It] continues to grow in popularity and this year we are pleased to be offering an additional award.”

If you want to know more about that, visit our scholarship webpage and stay tuned to our Facebook channel for updates.


Medshop in Victoria


As recently as five years ago, Medshop was a one country medical supplier. The furthest we shipped at that time was to New Zealand, and even that was rare. We didn’t even have an official office in New Zealand. Still don’t, in fact, not yet.

What was more surprising at the time was that our domestic business expanded in ways we didn’t expect.

“As interest in the business grew,” Steven told the Herald Sun, “we saw the potential for having a shopfront to compliment the warehouse and web interface.

Whereas other businesses we trying to find more ways to get their businesses online, Medshop went the other direction.

We started online, and then later opened a brick and mortar shop for anyone who wanted to pop in to get the hands-on experience. That local business has only expanded since then.

This past year we had to increase the hours our shop was open to accommodate the traffic.


Medshop’s International Growth


Shortly after 2013, Medshop made headway in Papua New Guinea. This was more than shipping a handful of stethoscopes to earnest Kiwis. We still weren’t officially in New Zealand.

But, we were a medical supplier to another nation.

From there we expanded into other markets in “the neighbourhood,' the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore at the southern fingertip of that country.

The growth in these markets has been so strong, we’ve created dedicated websites (links above) to supply them better. We don’t yet have brick and mortar businesses on the ground in those countries, not yet, but if that’s warranted we’ll do what makes sense.

Steven told the Herald Sun that, “Our goal is to offer a consistent solution to a global audience.”

How exactly that manifests over time would be impossible to guess, but consistency will be our guiding principle.


The Future of Medshop


Believe it or not, we’re still not in New Zealand, not in an official capacity, but it seems there’s an interest from the Kiwis. As such, a good prediction would be eventual expansion into that market, but nothing is set in stone.

There may be more viable markets that come up before that, but this much is true. We’ve broken the seal on something much bigger than what we used to be.

This means we can help more students and professionals to get their hands on the tools they need to get ahead. It also means we can employ more people in our new markets. Everybody wins.

As Steven sees it, “Consumer expectations are evolving and trending towards expecting increased transparency throughout the sales and delivery cycle.”

What does that mean? To him it means, “Companies need to focus on evolving their data, centralising information to increase their service levels and ability to adopt AI services.”

This is what we are trying to do as we grow, adopt new technologies, improve our service standards, and help more people.

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