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According to HSBC, the costs of education in Australia rank amongst the highest in the world, despite offering some of the most internationally diverse educational programs. No doubt, the reputation of the Australian education system is solid, but for many students the realities of affording a higher education present challenges.

Medshop Australia wants to do something about this.

To help offset the costs of university and vocational education, we’ve created a scholarship program aimed at students in the medical field. This time around, the program will contribute towards the cost of education for two students.


Our Motivation


From the beginning, our goal was to provide high-quality, yet affordable medical equipment to students. At the time, there were few places where a student could purchase the necessary tools at a price that was reasonable. The online market may have changed, but our motivation to serve the student community has not. We still see ourselves as that company who can help students achieve their educational aspirations.


The Scholarships

There will be a total prize pool of $5,000.00. We will award $3,500.00 to the winning applicant. The runner-up will receive $1,500.00. Once the winning applicants have been chosen, we will pay the scholarship funds directly into their bank accounts.


How To Qualify


If you are a full-time student in a medical field, studying at an Australian University or a registered training organisation i.e Tafe, you qualify. We ask that you submit an essay of 1000 words or less, explaining why you chose this path. Your essay needs to answer the question: why are you pursuing a career in the medical field of your choice?

For more information, entry details and terms and conditions, please visit: 

Don’t miss your chance to win a portion of the $5000 in scholarship money. This could be the year you finally get the break you deserve, but only two people can take advantage of this one. So don't hesitate, you can’t win if you don’t submit your application.

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