MedShop and YWAM are Changing Lives in Papua New Guinea

Medshop Australia is a proud supporter of YWAM Ships. We donate our medical supplies to them. To find out more about YWAM Ships, or to learn how you can be involved, please continue… Ship Papua New Guinea (PNG) has the worst health status in the entire Pacific region; five women in Papua New Guinea die in childbirth every day. One in thirteen children will die before the age of five. 94% of Papua New Guineans live in malaria affected areas. Statistics like these seem almost unreal in a world where medical technology is so advanced, and yet day-by-day the nation of Papua New Guinea is plagued by these realities. Through the use of ships, YWAM Medical Ships - Australia (YWAM MSA) is able to reach some of the most remote communities in Papua New Guinea. They deliver healthcare and training to places that are scattered over rugged terrain, diverse river systems and coastal areas. The ships enable YWAM MSA to overcome the challenges and break through isolation by transporting medical specialists, supplies, health services, and capacity building initiatives for local health workers. One of the Papua New Guineans whose life was transformed by YWAM MSA is twenty seven-year-old Makasi, who had been blind since the age of seventeen. After a volunteer medical team performed two simple cataract operations, Makasi’s restored vision enabled her to see her three children for the first time in her life. PNG YWAM MSA has been operational in Papua New Guinea since 2010 using a 35-year old renovated fishing vessel, the M/V Pacific Link. To expand capacity to serve PNG, YWAM MSA acquired a new vessel in 2014, the M/V YWAM PNG. This new ship will enable YWAM to operate year-round in PNG. This vessel will be able to travel further up the river and will assist to increase services by over 500 percent. This means 1.3 million people along the coastlines of PNG will have access to essential healthcare and training. Stage two of the ship's refit is now underway (construction of new dentistry clinic, day procedure unit, galley improvements, and the addition of two new patrol tenders) and is projected to be complete by January 2016 - an exciting development that will extend the vessel's capacity in time for this second deployment up to PNG.  Have a sneak peak at some of the plans in our brand new video. For more information about YWAM MSA, or how you might want to get involved, please see the YWAM MSA website:  YWAM Come Join us on Pinterest CLICK HERE
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