Jaw-dropping Promo: Welch Allyn PanOptic MacroView Diagnostic Set

logo_main In celebration of our current promotion for the Welch Allyn Pan-Optic / Macroview diagnostic set - with FREE portable headlight and headband- we want to share with you the reasons why this promotion is such an amazing offer. If you are in the market for a top quality diagnostic set that will stand the test of time then let us tell you all about this amazing set of products from world leaders in diagnostic technology, Welch Allyn. Many medical professionals rely on a quality diagnostic set to perform their everyday patient assessments. Medical students also require these same diagnostic tools to practice and study. When it comes to choosing which diagnostic set is right for you, there are various factors to consider and many options. Our student customers often opt for a basic diagnostic sets to save a few dollars, but then call us a couple of years down the track when they find they need to upgrade. For this reason, we advocate you purchase the best diagnostic set for your budget. You'll save money in the long run if you invest in the right diagnostic set initially.      

The Right Kit

welch-allyn-panoptic-macroview-diagnostic-set    You cannot surpass this one. It incorporates the benefits of MacroView otoscope technology and PanOptic ophthalmoscope technology with a couple of bonuses. We've added FREE LED lamps with a FREE diagnostic and procedural headlight to the package. This portion of the package alone is valued at $671.86, but we're offering these add-ons for FREE. What's more, we've deep-discounted this package in a promotional offer, available for a limited time only. We'll come back to that in a minute. First, let's explore the technology behind what makes these products so great and why this truly is the leading diagnostic set on the market, beginning with the manufacturer.      

Welch Allyn

140408_welch_allyn_opening    For starters, Welch Allyn are recognised globally as being the leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic technology. The name Welch Allyn is synonymous with excellence, quality, and innovation. The technology behind this diagnostic set is the result of Welch Allyn's commitment to advancing diagnostic capabilities.      

Macroview Tech

ear-mc-macroview-comparison    Macroview otoscope technology offers an almost complete view of the tympanic membrane without needing to be moved around. This is approximately twice the field of vision over most traditional otoscopes. In addition to an expanded field of vision, the MacroView also boasts approximately 30% greater magnification than most standard otoscopes. This makes diagnosing issues a more precise and less straining experience for doctors. With regards to preventing eye strain, the ability to adjust the focus for variable ear canal lengths or farsighted vision is a very popular feature of the MacroView, enabling increased clarity and definition of landmarks. This MacroView otoscope head also features a throat illuminator.      

PanOptic Tech

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-1-17-53-pm    PanOptic ophthalmoscope technology addresses and overcomes the fundamental challenge in ophthalmoscopy diagnostics; to get an optimal view of the fundus in order to make an accurate assessment. The patented Axial PointSource™ optic technology make it easy to enter undilated pupils. Meaning assessment can be carried out with less fuss and time. PointSource offers a 25º field of view, resulting in a view of the fundus that's 5X greater than you see with a standard ophthalmoscope in an undilated eye. With these advantages practitioners have an enhanced view of retinal changes and are able to diagnose problems at a much earlier stage, improving treatment outcomes for patients.      

LED Tech

17un3v1t8iwizjpg    The free LED lamps included for both the MacroView otoscope and PanOptic ophthalmoscope heads come with a 7-year warranty. This is because a single LED lamp is designed to last for at least 7 years. Unlike the standard halogen globes that can easily blow with a slight bump and generally wear out much faster. LED technology is the way of the future, far more efficient and environmentally sound than halogen.      

One More Thing...

bonus-010    Last but not least we include the FREE Solid State Portable Headlight with a rigid headband. Weighing just 125 grams this Portable Headlight is one of the most lightweight headlights around. Rechargeable batteries are built into the headband, making it exceptionally portable, convenient and easier on the environment. This headlight features a Green Series lamp. Welch Allyn Green Series products are designed to use less power and have a reduced impact on the environment. The headlight lamp has an operating lifespan of around 10,000 hours. banner Piece-by-piece, this diagnostic set is a $1,868.91 investment, but right now we are offering the whole package for $1,050.00 This is a limited time promotion, so act fast. Want a quick recap? The kit contains the following items:
  • Welch Allyn Macroview otoscope head with throat illuminator + FREE LED Lamp valued at $124.27
  • Pan-Optic opthalmoscope head + FREE LED Lamp valued at $123.78
  • Charging Pop and AC Adapter
  • Lithium-ion power handle
  • FREE Solid State Portable Headlight With Rigid Band + rechargeable battery, charger & soft case valued at $671.86
  • Reusable otoscope specula
  • Hard zipper carrying case
As we have mentioned, this is a limited opportunity. So if you are looking to invest in a top quality diagnostic set, or know someone who is, share this with them - now is the time.   Like our images?   Come Join us on Pinterest!
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